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Awaken to an All-New World- Top Places for Cannabis Tourism

As more and more places across the globe pave a path to Cannabis legalization and marijuana use, the cannabis community entrepreneurs are setting foot on worthwhile expeditions. From the extravagant tours, painting classes to cooking classes- there’s a world full of cannabis-infused experiences. Those who enjoy cannabis and its bi-products can enjoy Cannabis Tourism and there are plenty of places to go, here are 6 of them.

Whether you’re embarking upon this fun journey to obtain cannabis for recreational use or are looking forward to experiencing the magical plant for your own experience. Yes, the weed-friendly countries are witnessing rapid growth in their tourism. Some cities are must-stop for cannabis enthusiasts. No matter what your old hobbies are, some destinations are always a good fit for you. 

Cannabis Tourism

Top 6 Top Places for Cannabis Tourism

  • Spain:

Cannabis clubs are popular in European cities, especially Barcelona. Tourists are welcome to consume cannabis, but the legality works wonders for private property. The Barcelona clubs charge some membership fees to distribute cheap weed to the private members allowing tourists to join. Open streets, contemporary architecture, medieval treasures are some things to enjoy in Barcelona in addition to Cannabis clubs.

  • Canada:

The world witnessed remarkable decisions, and weed enthusiasts showcased high spirits when the country announced legalizing cannabis for recreational use. Yes, October 17, 2018, was when cannabis chains were set free as per new laws. It has become the second country after Uruguay to legalize cheap weed nationwide. Canada is a country that has much to offer, right from the arctic lands, rich cuisine, mountain ranges to vibrant cities, turns up people from across the globe are the Cannabis Dispensaries- making it the next big thing in Canada.

  • Uruguay:

Uruguay- the small country setting foot between Brazil and Argentina has made history by becoming the first-ever country to legalize marijuana for recreational use. The locals have permission to smoke marijuana as per their ease. The visitors can pal up with Uruguayans or consider signing up for a cannabis tour. The Latin country with big neighbors has been becoming a popular tourist spot. Uruguay has a laid-back rhythm, ideal for the people’s weary if frenetic lifestyle and crowds.

  • Jamaica:

Everyone begins uttering Bob Marley’s song- I’m gonna smoke ‘a de ganja until I go blind when people utter Jamaica. Reggae music has popularized the ganja and has made it Jamaican the cultures’ huge part. The lawmakers of this country have been decriminalizing recreational cannabis since 2015, and people never seem to see troubles while enjoying their Caribbean vacation.

  • Portugal:

The new hot destination in Europe is Portugal. The country’s top destinations like Algarve, Archipelago of Azores, Sintra, or lovely Porto are gaining popularity. The year 2001 saw the decriminalizing of personal quantities of cannabis and other drugs. The visitors have the ease of carrying and consuming small amounts of cannabis for personal use.

  • Alaska:

The only arctic state that provides the opportunity of gazing at the Aurora Borealis is Alaska. The tourists visit Alaska to discover the largest glaciers of North America and to enjoy some marijuana puffs. The pot industry was slow to develop, but the cannabis tour operators and pot shops are open for business. The tourists can enjoy the bliss of smoking weed on their private property.

Buy Yourself the Freedom:

As Cannabis freedom continues to spread across the globe, travelers are opting for recreational experiences. All you have to do is dwell on some research about the country’s smoking laws before heading over to visiting one!

Happy Smoking!

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