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Travel Tips – How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

Traveling is supposed to be a time to enjoy yourself, venture off into newfound territories, and meet new people. This should not be a time for you ti concern yourself with bed bugs. With some preventative measures, you can avoid becoming victim to bed bugs while you travel. Here are some things to consider about bed bugs when traveling. For an in-depth look at bed bugs, visit the how to get rid of baby bed bugs Guide. Find out about the ways that you can avoid bed bugs, how to treat their bites and other tips to stay healthy while traveling, here you will know

How to Avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are resilient little creatures, they can last a year without feeding, survive in extremely low temperatures, and extreme highs. During the cold winter months, bed bugs are known to fall into a hibernation-like rest until those temperatures bounce back in the summer months. A female bed bug can wreak havoc on a home or commercial hotel. All it takes is one pregnant female and the perfect environment for her to produce enough offspring to create a full infestation.

Bed bugs tend to stay pretty well hidden while they occupy your space, and it’s usually not until the evening hours that they come out to play. The warmth of the human body and the carbon dioxide we emit are some of the things that attract the bugs in the first place. If bed bugs are present in our hotel room, not only may they bite you, but they may hitch a ride and travel with you for the duration of your vacation. These little critters can slip into luggage, attach to closing, lay eggs in slippers, and infest bags and personal belongings without you knowing it. Also, read reviews of the hotels you plan to stay at, most people will share their experiences on public platforms and it’s a good place to find out if they have had a bed bug issue in the past.

There are a few things you can do to avoid bed bugs hitchhiking on your belongings. You can start by not laying your luggage on the floors. A good idea is to leave them up on a dresser, spare bed, or even a couch. Hotel floors are filthy and bed bugs and their eggs could potentially be lurking among the carpet fibers. You should also keep your eyes peeled for bites that may be visible on your body in the morning. If you feel itchy, or notice red marks on your body, that may be a sign you have been bitten by a bed bug. They look similar to mosquito bites and they also itch. One identifying factor of a bed bug bite versus a mosquito bite is the pattern of the bites on the body. Bed bug bites will typically be consistent in a pattern that is consistent with a straight red line made up of bumps.

Bed bug bites don’t necessarily appear right away, so if you happen to wake shortly after they feed, you may not recognize the night patterns until hours or even weeks after the fact. Bed bugs aren’t fond of burrowing, so they won’t venture deep under the sheets to snack on your flesh, instead, they prefer to feast on exposed areas of skin that are easily accessible. So if you are traveling to Miami where bed covering is minimal, chances are any part of your body will become a buffet line for the bed bugs.

Look around the properties you are traveling and make sure the property grounds are kept up and that the interior of the rooms are at least clean and tidy. A poorly kept landscape and dirty rooms can be an indication that they don’t invest in bed bug control and there may be bed bugs. When you rent a Hotel, Motel, or Holiday Inn, check between the mattresses, by the carpeting and baseboards, and around the bed frame. Bed bugs like to stay hidden during daylight hours and they resurface during the evening hours like a vampire.

Because traveling abroad exposes you to so many unknown elements, it’s important to be cautious of bed bugs. Knowing what to look for, how to find and identify them, and what to do next will keep you safe while you travel and free of bed bugs.

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