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Travel Tips on How to Avoid Being Late to the Airport

For the scarily organized few – the ones who have their bags packed a week early and a daily itinerary forwarded to the entire group a month in advance – the biggest concern about traveling from an airport is that your flight will be delayed. They worry about waiting in an overcrowded departure lounge for the latest weather disaster or workers’ strike to resolve itself, all so they can finally jet off on their long-awaited trip.Discover my tips on how to avoid being late to the airport the next time you travel.Take a look at this article about travel tips.

For those not blessed with superhuman organizational powers – the business people rushing to attend a last minute meeting at head office, the family trying to find enough car space for a pram and three suitcases – even just arriving at the airport on time is a challenge. Those people who arrive for their flights with enough time to enjoy a full breakfast and a pint before the gate is even announced are the object of envy and disbelief.

Travel Tips
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Next time, keep in mind our simple time-saving travel tips to avoid the mad airport dash and arrive at the departure gate stress-free.

Travel Tips on How to Avoid Being Late to the Airport

The Week Before

Check in online and print all boarding documents at least a week before, keeping a note of any changes to departure times. This is also a good time to pay for extra luggage or book seats together if necessary, and will save you the hassle of waiting in a long queue to deal with an impatient travel desk supervisor on travel day.

Research and finalize travel plans, whether using public transport, begging a lift off a family member or otherwise. Airport car parks can be baffling at the best of times, but will start an argument when the driver is rushing to make a check-in that closes in half an hour. Look up car park zones and charges to avoid getting lost, or use an airport parking service to avoid the hassle completely.

The Night Before

Check out local road reports and travel updates the night before, and add in extra time for any roadworks or closures that could threaten journey times. This might seem obvious but last-minute packing is a sure fire way of turning up to the airport feeling flustered and stressed.

Write a checklist of everything that needs to be packed, and only cross off each item as it actually goes in the suitcase. Pack everything neatly to save yourself some extra suitcase space and ensure a wrinkle free wardrobe on the other side.

Make sure all hand luggage adheres to liquid and restricted goods rules the night before, and cut out 10 minutes wasted at the airport transferring items over to hold luggage.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share with fellow travelers? Please leave a comment below- we’d love to hear from you.

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