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Guide for Choosing the Right Bike Rack for Your Needs

So, you need a new bike rack. It seems like a simple problem. Just go out and buy one, right? Not so fast − first you need to consider the types of bike racks available. Have a good think about what you require from a bike rack. There are a few different ways of attaching your bike to your vehicle, and you’ll want a bike rack that suits your car and your preferences for accessing your bikes. Then you need to think about how many bikes you need to carry with your chosen bike rack.

As always, a bit of forethought goes a long way, and this is certainly true when choosing from the large variety of bike racks available today. Remember to always choose a bike rack that’s high-quality and durable enough for your purposes, especially if you’ll be driving up mountains or similar. This article details some of the different types of bike racks available, so you can start working out which one might best suit you.

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Bike Rack

Different Types of Bike Racks

Roof Mounted Bike Racks

Many people choose the roof-mounted bike rack due to its convenient location on the roof of the car or SUV. This means you can still access the boot of your vehicle without any hindrance. Some roof-mounted bike racks can work with an already installed roof rack, so check your options if you already have a roof rack. There are also versions of roof-mounted bike racks that are perfect for a naked vehicle roof. You don’t need to already have a roof rack to take advantage of these bike racks.

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The maincon of choosing a roof-mounted bike rack is that they’re exposed to the weather. Flying debris can damage bikes due to this lack of protection. Some people can occasionally forget that they have a bike on their vehicle and end up damaging it by trying to drive into areas with low clearances, so be aware of that danger too.

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Hitch Bike Racks

A hitch bike rack requires a hitch or a receiver on your vehicle to use. Some of these bike racks mount securely onto the back of the vehicle. Other variations allow the bike to be swung to one side and secured, meaning you can still access the rear of your vehicle without taking the bike off.

Trunk Mounted Bike Racks

These kinds of bike racks are especially suited to short trips with bikes and are one of the most affordable types. These bike racks ensure that your bike is protected from any road debris. The trunk mounted bike rack is perfect for people who don’t have a hitch and prefer not to carry their bike on the roof of their vehicle. The downside to this type of bike rack is that it’s not the most secure, which could lead to some bouncing of your bike and a greater potential for damage. You also won’t be able to access the back of your car with this type of bike rack.

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Truck Bed Bike Racks

If you own a truck, then the truck bed bike rack is for you. It uses the bed of the truck to securely store and transport one or more bikes. While you could just toss your bikes in the back of the truck, securing them with a truck bed bike rack will prevent them from getting bent out of shape or otherwise damaged.

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