Autodromo in Guatemala: How about Going to a Race Track?

Doing out-of-the-norm attractions can be the absolute most rewarding and amusing fun one can have either while traveling or where you live.

That is exactly what we did. Cause, quite frankly, I am officially out of ideas of things to do in Guatemala.

So when in doubt – find the unusual.

Going to the Autodromo in Guatemala

One day, a while back we were coming back from a road trip to the beaches of El Salvador when we got stuck behind a huge line of cars. As we edged our way past the commotion I realized it was a race track and it was raging.

Immediately I made a mental note to check out the schedule for the Autodromo’s next car race.

The day we went they had several cars racing. But the main attraction was Mini-Coopers.

And let the fun begin. Honestly, if you have a free day to visit the track, it’s so worth it. I’ve never done this before but my boys and I truly had a blast.

Information about the Autodromo in Guatemala:

You can either go in through general admission – $5 per person

Or to have access to the full pits and bleachers – $10 per person

Kids are free

autodromo in guatemala

What’s a race track without beautiful, half naked or spandex-ed girls to look at.

What to do in guatemala - car racing

Yes, the girls were probably as big of an attraction as the actual cars.

Girls at the race track - Guatemala

The Minis on display before getting on the track

mini cooper car race - guatemala

Chatting up the racers.

In my opinion, most of the car racers were too arrogant to give any of their fans the time of day. As though they were holier-than-thou. It’s the ones that stopped, gave high fives to the little kids that idolized them were the ones that got all of our attention and rooting. And at the end of the day, the fans are just as important as the talent.

Hanging out with the race drivers

Mini Cooper and baby fun

mini cooper race car

Excitement in the bleachers.

It took us a while to find these bleachers. There are tons but they are directly in the sun. We were almost ready to head out when we found these shaded, comfy ones and ended up staying for hours more.

watching the race - guatemala autodromo

The race is on

race in progress - guatemala autodromo

More cars to watch racing and zooming past us

Car racing and race track in guatemala

Go Minis – this was the finale and it was so cute to watch these cars roar past us.

Mini coopers - car race

Don’t Know What to do in Guatemala – How about Going to a Race Track?

Last Updated on May 17, 2022

2 thoughts on “Autodromo in Guatemala: How about Going to a Race Track?

  1. Going to a race track in Guatemala! What a great idea! >To be honest I haven’t been to any race track. But reading your post I realize I have been missing out. This seems to be quite a lot of fun.

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