Auto Safari Chapin – A Great Drive Through Safari

Surprise, suprise! Guatemala has one of the best safari my family and I’ve been to. And I can honestly say we’ve been to a lot. Too many actually. I’m almost over visiting animal parks at times.

But Auto Safari Chapin was just what we needed.

What to do and see at Auto Safari Chapin, Guatemala

The animals literally come up to your car. At times it can really be frightening.


Pit stop – it’s not all in car driving. About mid point there is a great playground to walk around, stretch your legs and even have some vista points to see the animals.


Pathways – after you’re done with the driving of the safari, the other half of the fun begins. The trails and walkways take you to the other part of the park.


Zoo – there is a great zoo, with large cages to visit as well.


Monkeys – they seem to have it better than the rest. They have their own island.


Boat tour – once you’re done with the safari drive and the walking zoo, there is still more fun to be had. Take the boat ride to Monkey Island and other animals that you didn’t see before.


Information for Auto Safari Chapin

The price is incredibly reasonable:

$12 including a lunch per person.

If you decide to skip lunch, it will actually come out later. So my recommendation – do the full package!

If you don’t have a car. They have a safari bus to drive you through the park.

Auto Safari Chapin – A Great Drive Through Safari

Last Updated on June 25, 2023

3 thoughts on “Auto Safari Chapin – A Great Drive Through Safari

  1. It’s been 15 years since I have been in a auto safari. I was so much younger and so scared. Still I remember it was fun. It-s a pity I never got to do it again. Maybe sometime in the future… Auto Safari Chapin sounds like a great choice.

    1. Laura, how cool you did this! Very few people, who don’t spend a lot of time in Guatemala visit this safari. Funny enough, the first time I did it was 13 years ago. It was great going back with my kids.

  2. I love safaris like this! It makes a safari accessible for those of us that can’t travel to Africa.

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