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Australia Travel – 5 Unconventional Ways to Discover Sydney

There are many ways that a traveler can discover Sydney, the famous harbor city of Australia and the capital of New South Wales. The typical visit to the city includes an opportunity to lie down on the beautiful sun drenched beaches and relax after a full day of sight-seeing and exploring new frontiers such as the historic Rocks, the Sydney Harbor National Park, the Blue Mountains and much more.Five things that you can do to explore Sydney.Take a look at this unconventional list of your Australia Travel .

While, a tourist to the city can explore and discover using all the conventional ways, there’s nothing that matches up to exploring the city in the five following ways.

Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge
Do you know the most exciting way to explore and experience Sydney Harbor Bridge in all its magnificence? Climbing the top of the bridge of course! Not only is the entire experience totally exhilarating and breathtaking, but an experience that you won’t certainly forget for a long time.

The bridge climb is open to those with good health and over the age of 10, and there are numerous groups that offer climbing tours of the bridge and give tourists an amazing opportunity to climb to the top and get to enjoy the most spectacular views of the city.

Take a Segway Tour
A Segway is a ride worthy of trying. Tourists can get a chance to experience the unique freedom that this virtually silent and incredible transport provides while allowing you a good opportunity to discover Sydney at its best.
You can choose to go on a 30 minute drive, explore the beautiful parklands of the Newington Armory, try out the Discovery Ride or upgrade to an adventure of a lifetime with the X2 Adventure ride.

Australia Travel Segway Tour

Explore Sydney at Night
While you are for Australia travel, Sydney is like most other big cities has a completely vibrant and entrancing environment at night. The Harbor’s water literally twinkles due to the dazzling lights of the many roads and buildings of the city, which gives off an almost ethereal glow while generating the most beautiful and unique views of the harbor city. As most of Sydney’s night attractions are within close walking distance, tourists can take advantage of numerous walking night tours offered throughout the city.

Revel In the Harbor Cruise
Australia travel Offering cruise packages, tourists can take advantage of the local tourist guides who take them cruising along Sydney Harbor on professionally guided tours, which give off a taste of the city’s greatest landmarks, such as the Gap, Sydney’s Fish Markets, The Famous Harbor Bridge, Darling Harbor, Taroonga Zoo, the Opera House, Fort Denison and much more.

Star Libra, in Keelung Harbor

Discover Sydney from the Sky
For those who like seeing things from the top, an helicopter ride might be the best way to experience Sydney. You will have a chance to view the Blue Mountains; a UNESCO World Heritage Site; and marvel at the awestruck beauty of one of Australia’s national wonders. The scenic helicopter tour will also take you over the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge.

Sydney From The Sky

Tourists, who are a little more adventurous, have the option of catching a seaplane and flying off to the Cottage Point Inn; reaching just in time for lunch. Sydney’s best kept secret, the Cottage Point Inn is a must visit.
Tips provided by Colin, the owner of Sydney Princess Cruises, a Sydney based boat cruise company.

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