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Atwater High School Students Open a Blooming Business on Campus

According to statistics from America’s Bureau of Labor, blooming businesses continue to boom across the country.  While it is not among the highest-paying jobs or areas into which fresh grads can venture, there are more than 47,000 employees in the floral business earning great income from it.  Now, to break it down so that you don’t have difficulties when asking for help at services like dissertation writing services, take note that more than ten 10% of the entire floral workforce in the USA earns at least $36,000 annually. The lowest earners take home about $17000, which translates to an hourly wage of about $8.3.The clever students of Atwater High School in California, US have created a booming business that is worth sharing with the world.

Atwater High School Students Open a Blooming Business on Campus

Thus, if you are an aspiring florist but been wondering how much money you will take home every week, at the end of the month or annually, there you have it.  However, with a shaking economic edifice that most of the times make life difficult for millions of Americans due to income inequalities, learning institutions are now administering training on blooming to bridge an expanding gap between mainstream employment and self-employment. A case in point is Atwater High which just opened a blooming business training center. In this blog, you can find the work of his students.

Atwater High School Students Open a Blooming Business on Campus

What You Need to Know About the Blooming Business?

For starters, becoming a florist or even running a floral business is often a big challenge. Ostensibly, you will be dealing with highly perishable goods. And now with special training that students at Atwater undergo, anything is possible. More stats from Labor Bureau indicate that proceeds from retail floral businesses pump more than $35.2 billion into the U.S economy; you have every reason to draw closer to Atwater’s blooming program. In a nutshell, floral enterprise, many believe, will grow by leaps and bounds in the next few years, especially within and around California.

Kaylyn Davenport who is a floral design instructor at Atwater High expresses high expectations for the newly opened blooming center. According to her, the initiative will help instill into students, skills they need to operate a floral shop, not to mention other specialties in the enterprise. Aaron Smith, a 16-year old student from Atwater who works as a shop attendant at Falcon Floral in Merced County, says his duties involve checking flower arrangements and making the necessary adjustment. He is hopeful about the future working as a florist. He adds that being a florist comes with lots of responsibilities.

You’ve got to be a manager and at the same time a leader. It is because apart from directing co-workers on the dos and don’ts of the business, you also show them how to do things right.  In a nutshell, you become your own boss and through which you help people hone their skills and competencies without being bossy, Kaylyn Davenport, who also manages Falcon Floral (where Aaron Smith works) agrees with these sentiments. She says that with 19 students working at the shop, the state of California can now hope for certified florists.

Even more interesting is the fact that students pursuing a career in the blooming enterprise can now begin to enjoy many other benefits such as the following:

  • An opportunity to enroll with the California State Floral Association as a professional florist.
  • According to Kaylyn Davenport whose class has expanded to 200 students, learners also have the upper hand when it comes to pursuing higher learning. For example, through their experiences at a floral shop, they can get admission to study Fine Arts at the University of California and other campuses of California State University.

With the above developments coming hot on the heels of a growing interest in floral lessons, Smith points out that working in a blooming shop stretches learning beyond verbal teaching to hands-on experience. It is what every student needs to gain a competitive edge in the job market or business world. Now, if you think about it in the sense of possessing theoretical knowledge and practical know-how as a florist, it becomes clearer how a great resume builder it can be to work at a flower shop.

Starter Kit for Blooming Business

As is the case with any other business, operating a floral shop comes with overhead costs. For students at Atwater, the US Department of Agriculture in collaboration with FFA provides start-up funding. With a good helium tank, it is only a matter of when your shop reaches the breakeven point.

Now, with everything ready, there are many benefits that accrue to Atwater students working in blooming business. For example, students through practical experiences, get study credits for fine arts degree university admission. They are also able to make money as floral designers such as providing floral arrangements for seminars. Through the same experience, students working at Atwater’s Falcon Floral center earn a credit for Technical Education Pathway.

Parting Shot

Stats from different research companies agree to one thing regarding the floral industry. It is a multi-billion enterprise that continues to gain transaction in different parts of the world. BloomingNation, a company in California coastal city of Santa Monica is one of the biggest players in the enterprise. CEO and co-founder, Farbod Shoraka says the company provides a platform for budding floral designs to showcase their products and skills online.

Having built the company from scratch, Farbod says that apart from helping local florists grow their businesses and skills, BloomingNation also delves into building artistic skills of aspiring florists while also helping them retain money in their blooming start-ups. In the end, it is always about having a burning passion for the floral industry and using learned skills at Atwater high school to start a business.

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