ATV Tour and Rental – Do’s and Don’ts


ATV Tour and Rental – Do’s and Don’ts

a family riding atv in guatemala

What does ATV stand for? All Terrain vehicles. You’ve probably seen those. The quads. They’re called quads because they have four wheels, but they’re completely open. It’s kind of like a motorcycle. I’ve never done a quad or an ATV, and I see them around town quite a lot. So for my 50th birthday, I told my family that is exactly what I want to do. I want to rent an ATV and go for a ride. Today we’re going to be talking about ATV or quad rentals and the dos and don’ts.

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So I have done pretty much any kind of cool vehicle tour lately. Snowmobiling, which I have a podcast for. Wave Running, which I also have a podcast for. We own a scooter and rent one everywhere we go. I absolutely love scooters. I don’t know how to ride motorcycles. Although me and my husband did rent a Harley one time and traveled in the Florida keys for about four days. That was also really fun.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Renting an ATV and Doing a Tour

I started to look at it and there are many options. One, you can go with a tour group and do an actual tour. Depending on where you live, depending on where. You’re visiting, they have many tours. You could go up mountains. Not only that, but you could be on beaches by oceans, you could go off-roading, you could go on village tours. There are so many things.

But since we’re doing it in my hometown where we’ve lived for the past 13 years in Antigua, Guatemala, I don’t think I need to go on a tour of something that I’ve seen and done 100 times. So what I did want to do is simply rent ATVs for us. Even when you rent an ATV, because we don’t have much experience, a guy comes with us basically if there are any problems with the actual vehicle.

We did the three-hour rental, and we went up to this restaurant up in the mountains. It’s called Hobbitenango. I have an entire podcast about that place. It’s a really cool spot. And if you’re ever visiting Antigua Guatemala or Guatemala in general, it’s a must-do check-out place. So make sure you listen to that podcast to find out more information about Hobbitenango.

woman riding an atv in antigua guatemala

How the ATV Tour Works

So the way the tour works is that you drive the route, I should say, because it’s not really a tour, but it kind of is, I guess. So you go through the entire town and up the mountain because it’s all the way up the mountain. You do go through some areas where it’s like the village and small roads. So it was really fun. However, it’s not something that we want to do for the whole 3 hours.

So during the break in between, we went to check out and enjoy the restaurant for about an hour. Really worked out beautifully, so we took it. About an hour to get to the restaurant, chilled out at the restaurant, and then headed back down.

woman riding an atv while a local man is standing on a side of the road in guatemala


We rented it for 3 hours. There are places where you could definitely rent them for the day 24 hours. Very similar to scooters without a guide. Again there are many options and usually, the places that offer the tours also offer the actual as well so make sure to go and check out what you guys want to end up doing.

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Last Updated on August 16, 2023

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