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Top 5 Things to Do in Venice – Italy Travel

Enjoying Venice isn’t hard as it’s one of the world’s most unique places and a fantastic city with a whole variety of amazing things to do and things to see.Five amazing recommendations for things to do in Venice during your adventures through Italy.Take a look at this list of to do in Venice.So, if you’re planning a trip to Venice, take a look at these amazing things to do and really let go and enjoy yourself.

Venice - Italy Travel
Photo by: Jean-Pierre Dalbera

Top 5 Things to Do in Venice – Italy Travel

How to Get Lost In Venice

When it comes to Venice one of the most important things you can do to really take in the breath-taking sites is to just wander through the alleys and the streets. If you only happen to be in the city for a few hours it is still highly recommended to walk through the streets before moving onto other attractions or museums. By choosing to move away from the usual tourist attractions and the crowds, you will soon be able to find a variety of Venice’s often-empty and charming streets and squares that can provide you with a true appreciation of this fantastic area. However, there are a variety of things to do in Venice that are just as good as the streets and these include:

St. Marks’s Basilica

This is one of the most beautiful churches in this country with its large onion domes, the multi-colored pillars made out of marble and the floor-to-ceiling mosaics inside the church. You do not have to pay to view the main portions of this basilica and you can choose to book your entry and time online which means you can avoid having to stand in long lines to gain access to the church.

In the basilica is 3 small museums are also available but come with an entrance fee. The time you have as well as the budget you have in mind while touring Venice should be the deciding factor on whether you would want to go into each museum. If you are short on time, then it is highly recommended to use the steep and narrow staircase found in the entry-alcove and head up to the museum that features original horses that once overlooked the square. This museum offers you with a way to get out onto the roof-top were you can overlook the square.

St. Mark’s Square

When deciding to visit this usually highly populated tourist attraction, it is suggested when possible to make this visit at a time when the square is empty. In order to do this you would probably need to plan to stay over in Venice for an evening. The ideal time to view this square in all her beauty would be very early in the mornings or later in the evening before any of the day trips arrive. Many agree that this location is best viewed at night and because Venice is not known as a nightlife type town, it will not take very long for the restaurants to close for the night which basically empties out all the crowds.

Use The Vaporetto For The Grand Canal Tour

When it comes to Venice one of the best and most enjoyable methods to find your way around the city would be to walk. However, the Grand Canal only features a few crossings and bridges and using one of the Venice water-buses is an extremely enjoyable method of transport. Over and above the practical reasons as to why you would want to use the Vaporetto, the slow Vaporetto that runs its course through the entire length of this Grand Canal has been said to be a favorable equivalent to the city-tour bus For this tour it is advisable to bring along a self-guide tour book so that you are able to view the sights and read up on them along the journey or you can just sit back and take in the beauty of the sights and the buildings you will see as you pass through the canal. It doesn’t really matter where you will be seated, but a great tasting gelato can really add to this laid back and scenic experience.

Glass-Blowing Demonstrations On Murano Island

This particular experience is said to be a bit complex, due to the fact that a variety of the glass-blowing demonstrations that are featured near to Murano Island are known as highly tourist-trappy. But it is definitely an event you may want to add into your to-do-list while in Venice. One of the first reasons is that so many people have not been able to enjoy watching glass sculpture or glass blowing. This makes the experience highly educational as well as entertaining even though it is regarded as highly touristy.

The second reason as to why you would want to participate in this tourist event is that that you get to visit another island that forms part of the Venice lagoon and because Murano is the nearest it is one of the easier locations to visit if you happen to be pressed for time. If you prefer not to be around tourist spots that are overcrowded such as the glass demonstrations, use a Vaporetto that goes to Murano where you can walk around the streets and find one of the studios. There are a few glass-blowing studios in this area.

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