Costa Rica Attractions

Costa Rica Attractions Reviewed

Find out the best Costa Rica attractions and tours to do while traveling to Costa Rica with kids. We’ve done them and tested them so you can feel safe.

Top Things to Do in San Jose Costa Rica | Travel Guide

Let’s face it, when you plan a trip to Costa Rica, the first thing that you think of is the gorgeous wildlife, exploring natural beauties and relaxing at its beaches. Most of you don’t exactly want to make San Jose, … Continue reading

Gambling in the Jungle: Costa Rica – An Unexpected Casino Hotspot

Costa Rica is one of the world’s most exotic and unique locations. The Central American country is equal parts sandy beaches, equal parts luscious rainforest, with plenty to see and explore. From the local cuisine to the hustle and bustle … Continue reading

Hiking in Costa Rica – Tips to Find the Right Trail for You

As soon as you get to Costa Rica put on your hiking shoes, get your binoculars ready, grab a camera, and go! There is no time to lose! This is an incredibly diverse country in the heart of Central America … Continue reading

Tubing and Rafting in Costa Rica

Among all of the adventures available in this Central American country, a couple of the most popular among travelers are tubing or rafting in Costa Rica. That is because there are tons of rivers in Costa Rica with rapids for … Continue reading

4 Summer Activities for Families in Costa Rica

Lately is seems like more and more US citizens are leaving the country looking for a simpler life in a warmer climate. This is not just a vacation, but a new long-term life change, a new-start with a different career, … Continue reading

Where to Fish in Costa Rica

If you are looking for an adventure tour. The deep blue warm waters of the country (Caribbean and Pacific) along with all of the marlin, mahi mahi, sailfish, tarpon, snook, to name a few, are waiting for you. These are … Continue reading

Where To Find Sea Turtle Tours in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is not only home to five species of sea turtles (Leatherback, Green Sea, Loggerhead, Hawksbill, and Olive Ridley) nesting on both the Caribbean and Pacific Coasts, but to three nesting sites that are among the most important in … Continue reading

Canopy Tour in Costa Rica

Canopy tours in Costa Rica are the most popular activities in the country and is a ‘MUST DO’ activity! Aside from a great adventure ride, you get to see Costa Rica’s biodiversity at its best because a lot of it … Continue reading

Cano Negro Adventure, Costa Rica

Cano Negro wildlife refuge is located on the northern region of Costa Rica, close to the Arenal National Park and near the border with Nicaragua. This refuge protects wetlands and a crazy amount of flora and fauna. I had heard … Continue reading

Top Places for Dolphin and Whale Watching in Costa Rica

This country is a great place to go to if you want to enjoy the ultimate eco-tourist attraction: dolphin and whale watching. With pockets of shallow temperate waters, it’s not a hard thing to see for humpback whales, killer whales, … Continue reading

Cheap Travel to Costa Rica – 9 Budget Adventures

If you have read other posts on my blog, by now I’m pretty sure you know how much fun traveling to Costa Rica can be. However, since it is so popular it can get a bit pricey. going on a … Continue reading

5 Things to Do in Monterrico Beach, Guatemala

Monterrico Guatemala is a top beach destination of the country and the most popular beach among locals. It consists of a teeny tiny town with very limited accommodation options. You won’t find in it huge beach resorts, however, there isn’t … Continue reading

3 of the Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that is filled with lots of beautiful touristic places to explore. But there are so many great places to visit that it can get a bit confusing to choose from all of them. It is … Continue reading

A List of the Top 10 Adventure Tours Costa Rica!

So you just decided that you want to go to Costa Rica, what’s the next step? Well, you start by looking at the different areas, looking for good hotels but most importantly you start deciding which of the adventure tours … Continue reading

5 of the Best National Parks of Costa Rica

The National Parks of Costa Rica, biological reserves, and wildlife refuges are over 25% of its territory. So narrowing down the best ones is an almost impossible task but most travelers seem to have voted with their visit to some … Continue reading

A List of Animal Parks and Costa Rica Animal Rescue Centers

Costa Rica is teeming with rare, endangered and beautiful wildlife. But the reality is that hunting, poaching, and illegal animal trade exist here. The Costa Rican government is doing all it can to buckle down and catch the wrongdoers, but … Continue reading

A Traveler’s Guide on the Top Things to Do in Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco is a beautiful beach town of Costa Rica that is located really close to San Jose City, in the Central Pacific region. This area is well known for its luxury hotels and wide selection of tours. There are also … Continue reading

Travel Guide to Things to Do in Guanacaste Costa Rica

You will never get bored in Costa Rica’s Gulf of Papagayo. It is formed by 12 beaches outlined by great resorts and rain forests filled with wildlife. Here are some adventures that can be had in the area: Air Activities … Continue reading

Facts and Guide to the Costa Rica Pacific Beaches

The most famous places of this Costa Rican region are Manuel Antonio / Quepos and Jaco. In them you will never run out of things to do, some of the things you can do are: exploring pristine beaches, non-stop close … Continue reading

Travel Guide for the Costa Rica Caribbean Beaches

This is a quick guide of the bohemian beach area in the southern area Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. It used to be inhabited only by banana plantations workers but now with tourism and the eco-friendly movement the main income from … Continue reading