Artista Cafe, Antigua: Best Option for Digital Nomads


inside artista cafe antigua guatemala

Today we’re going to be talking about Artista de café in Antigua, Guatemala. Are you guys ready for an adventure? Let’s begin.

If you are a digital nomad right now, finding the coolest cafes with style and comfort and class and good quality coffee is becoming an important part of your day because this is your office space.

For me, when I do leave the house and I enjoy leaving the house and working in different cafes all around wherever I am visiting, Artista de café in Antigua, Guatemala is probably one of my top favorite places to go and work for quite a lot of reasons.

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Artista Cafe, Antigua

First of all, it is elegant and classy, the prices are the same as it is pretty much in any coffee shop. But there are a lot of different rooms that you could hang out in, and you can hang out in the main room. The seats are super comfortable. They also have an outdoor space, very comfortable, where you can enjoy peace.

lounge area artista cafe antigua

Private Room

The majority of people that go there, you can tell are working. So they are digital Nomads or people just getting out of their houses to do some work. And they also have a private room that could easily fit six people that you could rent out. Usually, it’s about $6 an hour. However, if you rent it out for 5 hours or more, it’s $5 per hour.

The guys, and the waiters come to you and if you want to order food, they bring it directly into the room for you. But it’s completely private, so you are not disturbed and you don’t really hear any other sound.

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cup of coffee artista cafe antigua guaemala

I actually use it a lot whenever I am filming or recording my podcast because this way it’s total privacy. I know that I’m not going to be bothered by people in the main areas, although it’s always quite peaceful there and I do go and work there and other times.

logo artista cafe antigua guatemala


It’s very easy to get to and it’s a great option for a coffee shop, especially if you want to work for a longer period of time where you know that your computer is going to be safe when you go to the bathroom or just anything. And they do also have pretty yummy yet small menu options to choose from as well.

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023

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