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New York Travel – Arriving Via Jet Charter

Let us assume you are traveling to from Los Angeles to Manhattan. You can take a flight with a major commercial airline or seek out a New York jet charter with a private company. There are several advantages to flying with a private jet to New York travel, and they should all be considered before making a final decision.

New York Travel
Photo by: Mark Harkin

New York Travel – Using a Jet Charter

The Benefits
There are a plethora of benefits to flying with a private jet charter. Seating is far more spacious and comfortable on a private charter compared to a commercial airline flight. Neighbors will not be invading your space by crossing over the arm barrier. If you prefer to sleep on flights, the extra space should make it much easier you to doze off and stay asleep.

It is unfortunate when you want a glass of water, but the flight attendant is on the opposite end of the plane with the refreshments. You will have to wait for hundreds of passengers to be served; all the while you are only becoming thirstier. On a New York jet charter, hospitable flight attendants will cater to your every need, requiring you to wait for nobody.

Another advantage of private jets charters is their timeliness. Commercial airlines require its passengers to wait for a myriad of reasons. Security check-in, layovers, and excessive plane traffic are just some of the causes for delays. When there is a weather issue and your flight is cancelled, there is no telling when you can get on another flight. With private jets, these inconveniences will no longer keep you waiting. Unless your plane needs to stop for fuel, there will never be layovers on a charter plane. As one of the few people on the plane, your security check will be performed quickly and efficiently. These minor differences help you decrease your traveling time by hours. If you are a frequent traveler, it could save you hundreds of hours per year.

The Flight
With all of these advantages, it is no wonder why so many people prefer taking a New York jet charter from Los Angeles to Manhattan. The next time you need to take a flight across the country, look into a private charter for a quick and convenient traveling experience.

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