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Top 6 Around the World Souvenirs You Can Gift to Your Parents

When traveling internationally, a souvenir can serve as a reminder of a memorable and life-changing journey. As our parents grow older, they are less likely to travel and see the world, and by bringing them a souvenir from your own travels, you will be including them in your adventures, as every souvenir has a story to tell. Where you travel is subjective in the type of gift you give your parents, and you should make sure you always give your parents a gift that represents the land in which you traveled. Looking for a cool souvenir for your parents? Here is a list with ideas of souvenirs from around the world that you can get and gift.

There are some souvenirs, however, that have gained worldwide notoriety. If you want to ensure your parents’ satisfaction, then get them one of these fantastic top six souvenirs.

Souvenirs from Around the World

Around the World Souvenirs

A Cuban Cigar

Cuban cigars are internationally renowned for their superior quality. They are, however, heavily regulated, and customs officials will only allow you to leave with up to twenty loose cigars without invoices and paperwork. You can only import Cuban rum and cigars if you are bringing them home for personal use and have no intention of selling them on. One of the best places to find a cigar store is the capital of Cuba, Havana. Its streets abound with bodegas, wine stores, and tobacconists. It should be a crime to leave Cuba without some premium quality cigars for your father!

An Australian Didgeridoo

Didgeridoos are wind instruments that were developed by Australia’s native Aboriginal population at least a thousand years ago. These instruments are found globally, however, the craftsmanship in Australia is certainly superior, being that it is the land of the didgeridoo.

For a parent that loves all things music, a didgeridoo can be a great gift, and a fantastic way to show them you are still thinking about them, even if you are on another continent. Buying didgeridoos from natives will also support the native economy and society, which is riddled with drug and alcohol use, and stricken with poverty.

Arabian Attar

Authentic Arabian attar is an essential purchase anytime you go to the Middle East. Attar is an essential oil derived from flora and was first discovered by a Persian physicist, Ibn Sina. They come in many scents, and you can find scents for women, and men, meaning you can buy attar for both of your parents.

Some of the most popular scents are rose, sandalwood, and lavender, although there are many more. Anytime you have an opportunity to visit the Arabian Peninsula, make sure that you do not leave without some attar!

Souvenirs from Around the World

Indian Spices

One of the main gifts exported from India is spice. Indian spices are known globally for their superior quality and fantastic flavor. While many of the spices we see in our supermarkets bear the same name as Indian spices, the Indian spices you can source there are far superior and much more flavorful and pungent.

One of the tastiest spices, and most frequently exported, from India, is cumin. Cumin is a rich, fiery spice that is often used in curries. Bringing your mother a spice rack full of authentic Indian spices is a guaranteed way to put a smile on her face.

A Jinbei from Japan

If you travel to Japan, be sure to pick up an authentic silk jinbei for your father! Jinbei’s are warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, and are a versatile outfit choice that they can even wear outside your home. You can find jinbei’s very cheap in the city of Kyoto, where they still make them by hand.

An authentic jinbei is a fantastic gift to give to a father who is interested in the Orient. You can also get traditional female clothes for your mother, which would be a great way to surprise her!

Yak Fur Blankets from The Himalayas

Yak fur blankets are of phenomenal quality and keep you extremely warm in the winter. If you are traveling in the Himalayas, your guides will likely make use of them. You can buy them for a very low cost, and by doing so, will support the local economy. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be a great winter souvenir for your parents.

A yak fur blanket will be a fantastic souvenir and will likely last for generations; they are very durable, very well-made, and will keep your parents warm winter after winter. They can serve as a reminder of your international travels and your youth.

As with most of the items on this list, and as was mentioned in some, you should support the local economy as best you can. Whenever you buy souvenirs, it is better to be from locals than big businesses or shops designed to trap tourists.

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