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Are you looking for an idea for a stag do in Krakow? Choose Cracow Shooting Academy!

Shooting ranges are more and more often visited not only by a large group of Poles, but also by tourists visiting our country – after all, access to weapons is not always as easy as at Polish shooting ranges. But how to choose the right one, what to pay attention to when choosing and are events such as a stag party, birthday party or corporate event the right time to visit the shooting range?

Where to organize a stag do in Krakow?

A bachelor party is not only a party until dawn. Many people who deal with its organization decide on additional attractions. A shooting range will certainly be an excellent choice. It’s a huge dose of adrenaline and competition – what’s more masculine than the bang and smell after a shot? For this reason, shooting ranges are so often chosen as the first attraction of a stag party. This is a proven option, which is chosen not only by many Poles, but also foreign tourists. There are really many shooting ranges in Krakow, but according to not only the inhabitants of the city and the surrounding area, but also visiting tourists, one of the best options will be the Cracow Shooting Academy, located at ul. Jana Surzyckiego 16. It is a modern and perfectly prepared shooting range, where we will be able not only to have a great time, but also learn how to shoot or feel the adrenaline associated with the competition here. It is an excellent choice for a bachelor party, because the experienced instructors will make the fun not only unforgettable, but also safe. Check out the stag parties at the shooting range:

Which shooting range in Krakow to choose?

Cracow Shooting Academy is the perfect place for this type of meeting. In the case of stag parties, the location is very important, and this Cracow Shooting Academy is really excellent. You can get there by various means of transport, without worrying that going to the city will be difficult due to the long or expensive return journey. The shooting range itself offers 50 types of weapons, both modern and historical – so if someone is passionate about the latter, he will also find many attractions here! When organizing a stag do, you can choose between many shot packages. The Basic Package includes 30 shots from such weapons as the Colt 1911, Scorpion and Glock. The package price is only PLN 120. If this is not enough for us, we have another 6 packages to choose from, and the last one is the one with the meaningful name Badass. At the price of PLN 350, we will fire as many as 70 shots from as many as 6 weapons, such as Magnum, Kalashnikov, Uzi, Glock, AR15 and Shotgun! So it will be a real treat for people who want to learn how to shoot with really different types of weapons during one bachelor party.

Stag do in Krakow – is it worth it?

A visit to the shooting range is not the only attraction during the stag do. It is the perfect introduction and the beginning of this special night. Thanks to the location of Cracow Shooting Academy, you can quickly get to the market and take advantage of other attractions, as well as visit atmospheric restaurants, bars and clubs open until the morning. The day can be used to explore Krakow and spend time actively.

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