Are Flashlights Allowed on Planes?

When you’re a regular traveler or simply a thoughtful traveler, you will want to carry items like normal flashlights or tactical flashlights and questions will start showing up on your mind, and with airlines being more cautious about what people carry on the plane it is a common thing asking yourself whether flashlights are allowed on places or not. That’s why I decided to write about the topic and will cover more in deep topics too. So, if you want to know more about flashlights and tactical flashlights on a plane, keep reading!

A flashlight led seems like a handy thing to pack if you’re traveling, no matter the destination, it’s just a good idea.

But can I bring flashlights with me on a plane?

Transportation Security Administration

First, we need to see what the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) says about it. If you go to their website, you’ll notice it clearly says with a green check mark that flashlights are allowed both on carry-on bags and checked bags, but there’s more to add to that information.

The fact is that you’re only allowed to bring a flashlight that is up to 7 inches or less on a carry-on bag.

The Transportation Security Administration will always have the final word about what you can bring or not, in this case, any flashlight that’s bigger than 7 inches will not be allowed inside the plane.

But what about tactical flashlights on a plane?

Wuben T1 Tactical Flashlight

There are many types of tactical flashlights, like military, self-defensive, or even flashlights that can work as a weapon, in those cases, you’ll not be allowed to bring them with you inside the plane since you can’t bring any type of weapon to a plane cabin.

Why? Most tactical flashlights fulfill the function of disorienting people when pointed with their led flash light, so, they can be considered as a weapon. This means a tactical flashlight needs to be packed in your checked bags.

Can I bring a rechargeable flashlight on a plane?

The same rule by the TSA applies to rechargeable flashlights, meaning you can only take with you on the carry-on bag those that are 7 inches or less, also, any spare or removable batteries can be packed in the carry on bags.

But some of the brightest rechargeable flashlights can be put under the tactical category due to their small stunning effect. After all, the TSA will have the final word on this and decide whether you can or not take a rechargeable flashlight in the plane cabin.

Wuben C2 Rechargeable 21700 EDC Flashlight
Wuben C2 Rechargeable 21700 EDC Flashlight

Flashlight In Checked Luggage

There are many types of flashlights with different types of batteries, from pen-like to the brightest headlamp and bike lights. Basically, you can pack in your checked bag ANY flashlight you want.

When it comes to batteries, it is a bit more complex, since you must bring any spare 18650 battery (lithium-ion batteries) with you in your carry-on bag. As for some of the brightest head torch with installed lithium batteries, or any non-removable battery flashlight, you must put them in your checked luggage.

Recommendation: Since the TSA have the final word on this I highly recommend you that you pack the flashlight on your checked bag, therefore you can avoid any issue.

Bottom Line

You must follow the TSA rules in order to see what can you carry into a plane or what you can’t, a good way to check if a flashlight is allowed on your carry on bag is to make sure the brightest pocket flashlight is less than 7 inches and doesn’t work as a weapon. When it comes to the checked bag, you can pack any flashlight you want, but remember that removable lithium batteries should be carried on your carry-on bag.

Having said that, the TSA has the final word on this, so, don’t be surprised if you aren’t allowed to bring a 5 inches flashlight that can be used to “threaten safety” in some way.

If you have further questions, you can head to AskTSA Twitter account, they are actively answering people questions.

Last Updated on May 3, 2023

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