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Top 5 Kid-Friendly Tours From Antigua Guatemala

Antigua Guatemala Tours

Going to Antigua Guatemala is something you have to do when you visit Guatemala. It has so many great things and places to offer. There are tons of great restaurants, lots of fun bars, hotels that go from $5 a night to 5-star hotels.

I love its buildings and streets because they are filled with history. If you take the time so meet some of the grandpas and grandmas of the place, they will tell you all kinds of interesting facts about the city.

Best Tours From Antigua Guatemala

1. Earth lodge

It is a place where you can still go camping in a safe environment or you can rent a cabin in the middle of the forest with the most amazing views of the nearby towns.

They also have amazing treehouses and cabins that you can stay at. They all offer amazing views of Antigua and its surrounding volcanoes.

arth loafge tour in antigua guatemala

2. Finca Filadelfia

For some exciting tours and great food how about Finca Philadelphia? It is a luxury hotel with a restaurant that also offers an amazing, family-friendly canopy tour and mule tours around the forest and is located only 5 minutes away from Antigua. It also has a beautiful landscape.

Since it is outside of Antigua, they also have a fun car that they use to drive people to and from the hotel.

canopy tour in antigua guatemala

3. La Reunion Golf Resort

If you want to drive for 10 more minutes you can visit a 5 star hotel & Golf Resort located 20 minutes outside of Antigua Guatemala. It has the Agua Volcano on one side and the active Fuego Volcano at a safe distance. It is called La Reunion Antigua Golf Resort & Residences. This luxurious hotel has 26 rooms with a lovely kids club.

August 2019 update: The hotel was completely destroyed after a huge eruption from Fuego volcano, but the golf course is being restored and is set to open soon.

Golf tour in antigua guatemala

4. Chateau deFay

You can also go to the only vineyard of Central America (as far as I know): Chateau deFay.

They have a tour of the plantation and will also give you a taste of the quality of wine that they produce. This is a great half-day tour that you can end with lunch at their small restaurant. Here you can also have lunch and go for a tour in the middle of the vineyards.

wine tour in antigua guatemala

5. Macadamia Nut Farm

This nut farm is located 15min outside of Antigua on the road that takes you to the southern coast. This is another place with open spaces where kids can go wild as you enjoy a tour around the farm, sample the nuts, buy and try natural skin care products and have some delicious food. My son loves to come here.

macadamia tour in antigua guatemala

Visiting these kid-friendly places is a guaranteed moment of fun and they are all just 10 minutes away from Antigua’s central park by car. So give them a chance.

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Top 5 Kid-Friendly Antigua Guatemala Tours | Travel Experta

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