Antigua Green School Review in Antigua, Guatemala


Antigua Green School Review in Antigua, Guatemala

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Here’s the secret, my family and I have literally been living in Guatemala this whole time because of Antigua Green School. Why is that? Because this is one of the most special schools out there. It has always been super important for me to send my kids to a really progressive type of alternative school. Today we’re going to be talking about Antigua Green School in Antigua, Guatemala.

Antigua Green School

Antigua Green School is located in Azotea Farm, la Azotea Finca, and I have an entire podcast talking about that. It is a more than 100-acre farm, and the school is located on the actual farm.

It is a very hands-on school where the teachers treat the kids equally themselves. This alternative situation. It is literally one of the most special community-style schools. Very inclusive.

It is not expensive. It’s 100% bilingual as well, which made that a very important thing for me. So everything is 50-50 in Spanish, 50% in English. It is a green School. So it’s very ecologically centered, and they really focus on making it a green school.

antigua green school in antigua guatemala

Outdoor Classes

The kids have the entire farm as their playground where they do their gym classes, their physic classes, and their explorations right on the farm. That alone is so special. All the classes pretty much are held the majority of the time outdoors because it is located on this farm. If they are inside the classrooms, they all have these beautiful things: they’re completely full, made fully of windows.

Small Classrooms

Kids hang out outdoors. They’re small classrooms. My kids always had between three and five teachers. My oldest, who is the pioneer who graduated in the very first graduating class, had six kids in his class. My youngest, who has the bigger class, has 20 kids in the class, but they split them up into two groups with four teachers in each group. There’s a lot of personal attention, and it’s just this community, and they have outdoor recreational activities every single day. This is the most important thing.

The Community

The community and the parents really work together to make it an international community. The majority of the kids that go to the school are bilingual, and most of them are even trilingual. I know a lot of people wonder what school should I send to if I move to Antigua, or if you are living here. To us, this has always been the number one school.

I cannot believe that other people want to send their kids to other schools

antigua green school guatemala

Cambridge System

Antigua Green School is a Cambridge system, so you do get a Cambridge diploma.

Differences from other schools

There are other schools like AIS and Antigua International School, but it’s literally sending your kids to a US-style system with just maybe 1 hour of Spanish per day. And I have yet to see a lot of the kids that don’t know Spanish coming out of their learning Spanish. So if you’re going to be making it to Guatemala, why not give your kid the gift of Spanish

Antigua Montessori is another really popular school, but the fact that Antigua Green School is located on this farm, and they do the majority of their classrooms outdoors is a big plus.

kid on hanging tire at green school in antigua guatemala


The schools today are barely allowing the kids to run around, to be kids, to get in touch with nature. Gardening is an important factor in their learning, understanding manuals, and things to do on top of their regular curriculum. If you guys are interested, I am happy to give you more information because my kids, as I said, my oldest was the first graduating class. We have been one of the oldest families in that school, and my youngest has been there since he was five years old. So if you guys have any questions, please let me know.

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Last Updated on September 21, 2023

3 thoughts on “Antigua Green School Review in Antigua, Guatemala

  1. Hello! My name is Thembi Stephenson and my family and I are traveling to Guatemala next week. I am interested in hearing more about The Green School and specifically the summer/short term programs. I’ve tried to find info about Green Camp, but the website says cancelled due to COVID.

    1. Hi Thembi,

      if you email me, I can then connect you directly to the school to find out, they are super helpful and will be happy to reply

  2. Hola mi nombre es Ana Maria Beteta y con mucha familia antigueña necesito información a cerca del summer camp

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