Is An Antarctica Cruise Family Friendly?

Antarctica, the white continent and land of towering icebergs and surreal wildlife, is definitely a bucket-list destination. From the breathtaking natural spectacle and the stunning view of the extraordinary wildlife to the daily activities, expeditions, and on-board facilities, a cruise to Antarctica may just be the adventure you never knew you needed, but is it one that you can enjoy with your family? Let’s find out.What going in an Antarctica Cruise is like so you can decide if it is the right trip to take with your kids.Learn all about Antarctica Cruise

Antarctica Cruise

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Who Can Go on an Antarctica Cruise?

Although taking your kids on a cruise to Antarctica is guaranteed to be an unforgettable family trip, as a parent, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your kids have to be old enough to enjoy and appreciate such a unique journey. It’s generally advised for parents to only bring along their kids if they’re 8 years old or older; however, many ships have an age policy of a minimum of twelve years old.

How Rough Is the Drake Passage?

The minimum age policy that some cruises enforce is mainly on account of the mighty Drake Passage. As any Antarctica Travel Guide would tell you, the Drake Passage is perhaps the roughest part in the course of any ship sailing towards the white continent.  It’s where the Pacific Ocean meets the Atlantic and Southern Oceans, creating a violent stretch of water with massive towering waves that the ship would have to brace for close to 36 hours.

While this can be an extremely rough cruise for younger passengers, many travelers do claim that as long as the ship is large enough, the cruise can be appropriate for children between the ages of 8 and 12. In any case, you and your family should be prepared, both physically and psychologically, for this possibly treacherous part of the cruise. It’s highly recommended that you have seasickness medications on hand and also be prepared to engage your kids in fun activities to pass the time in case crossing the Passage is hard.

Countless Learning Opportunities

When you’re exploring the pure, white wilderness of Antarctica, you’ll be presented with countless opportunities where you and your kids will be able to learn about its wonders. Between studying the gigantic glaciers and icebergs and understanding the complicated ecosystem, to the close encounters with the clusters of penguins and seals, there’s a lot to learn in Antarctica. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see a killer whale and witness their perfectly balanced display of grace and power.

Thrilling Activities

Besides the priceless educational opportunities, a cruise to Antarctica will also provide you with thrilling, memorable adventures. If you’re a family who loves being active, then you’ll enjoy Zodiac landings, kayaking, or even spending the night snow-camping under the stars, and if you want to enjoy some relaxing downtime, you can use the ship’s on-board spa or jacuzzi, if available.

Antarctica Cruise

So what’s the verdict? An Antarctica cruise is an immersive adventure that goes beyond the seemingly obvious. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone of the appropriate age to explore, discover, and learn. For these reasons and more, Antarctica is definitely worth considering if you’re planning your next family trip. After all, what can be better than bonding over a polar adventure to the end of the world?

Last Updated on February 3, 2022

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