Ruins of the Ancient Maya Civilization in Guatemala

With over 25 ruins and archaeological sites of the ancient Maya civilization and hundreds more to be unearthed and discovered, you will not have a shortage of fun sites to visit. They range from almost every Mayan and pre-Mayan period: Olmec sites, pre-classic, classic, late classic and post classic eras. Although the ancient Maya are said to have abandoned their cities mysteriously around 900 AD, their descendents were overtaken in the mid 16th century by the Spaniards.

They got almost every single part of their culture changed, including the way the dressed, their religion and where even used as slaves for a while. However, today most of the modern Maya still hold on dearly to their proud Mayan routes and if you’re lucky you can witness for yourself a Mayan ritual in one of these glorious sites.

ancient Maya Civilization

Which former city of the ancient Maya civilization do you want to visit?

Takalik Abaj
Rio Azul
Piedras Negras
Nakbé, El Tintal, and Wakná
Mixco Viejo
La Corona
El Mirador
Dos Pilas
Abaj Takalik

This is truly the territory of the ancient Maya Civilization, where you get to learn about their culture. But the best part is that you also get to experience the culture if the modern Maya.

Visit the Ruins of the Ancient Maya Civilization, Guatemala

Last Updated on June 21, 2024

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  1. Wow I had no idea there were SO many ancient Mayan civilizations! I’d be up to visit all of them if possible! I really love historic cites.

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