Amsterdam Adventures: The 4 Most Adventurous Things to Do

Amsterdam is known as a permissive place to be governed by your own rules of adventure and travel. It is an amazing city blended with urbanization and heritage uniquely. The place offers various masterpieces ranging from alien sculptures to immense cultural charisma highlighted by numerous things. An Amsterdam adventure is full of things to do that will take you on a fun trip, here are four adventurous things to do in Amsterdam.

Now, you must be wondering how to make your trip to Amsterdam adventurous. There are multiple places in the city that you should responsibly visit and experience. The capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam becomes a demonstration of scenic beauty blended with traditional heritage. To know about the place more, read along and note down the most adventurous places to visit on your trip to the city. 

Take a Ride to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel

You have to spend 30 minutes riding from the city center to this picturesque village. This bike ride would be adventurous as you get to pass through the rural background scenes contrasting against the urban city. The village happily holds on to its identity surrounded by an open green space amidst the urban landscape’s southern reaching hungry arms. While you travel to the place, you get to visit many classy restaurants on the way, making your trip more interesting. 

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Enjoy the Waters 

Amsterdam is all about moving on to the beaches or taking dips in canals. Canals are the beauty of Amsterdam, they provide you with a different experience of swimming with boats, houseboats, and even submerged bikes. Algae are also present in the canals making your underwater trip dangerous. However, they are the most adventurous experience one can derive from their trip. On this page, you can find the best canals to explore your adventurous inquisitiveness. 

Outdoor Climbing Activities

The best place to go in Amsterdam for trying out climbing sports is Klimbos fun forest situated at the north end of the Amsterdam forest. You get to engage in numerous entertaining activities where you can jump, run, move about and climb throughout the day. These fun activities let you enjoy a roller coaster ride while you enjoy the old forest on a zip line. The fast-moving zip-line enhances your experience by speeding up your adrenaline rush in the body. 

Roller Skating at Vondelpark

While enjoying the whipping wind across the urban roads of the city, you can go cycling with inline skates. You can join the group of skaters and start your 20km skating experience around the city. The ride starts at Vondelpark which is a place for exploring enormous skating opportunities. While you ride, you can also make new friends and know the city. 

Final Words

The city brims with beautiful art, wondrous fields, and scenic windmills, and the streets reflect history in its pure form. The canals of Amsterdam are highly renowned for their panoramic beauty. One must seep into the city’s rich tradition of art and culture while visiting the iconic museums. There are many such visits that symbolize beauty and mark the peak of adventure. The article lists some of the places in Amsterdam that are a must-visit while you are traveling to the city.  

Last Updated on October 10, 2022

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