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Amish Tour in Lancaster PA – Photo Essay

The best part about traveling to Lancaster County is the different landscape, which is covered in immaculate farmlands. We don’t get that in Guatemala, so seeing it and enjoy it firsthand was a great way to spend time with my kids.

Plus, getting glimpses into the Amish People’s way of life added to the cultural aspect of it all. After that you can head to Good n Planty to try traditional Amish food.

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Amish man and buggy Lancaster County PA

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Amish Tour in Lancaster

Take a ride in the carts that the Amish use as their family vehicles.

kids in a amish car in Lancaster County PA

Visiting a local farm in a horse-drawn carriage.

Countryside Lancaster County PA

Watching the Amish at work. This is the tractor that they use for working their lands.

Working the land Lancaster County PA

Meeting an Amish family and buying homemade pretzels.

Amish Family Lancaster County

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Amish Farm – the most beautifully landscaped and well-maintained farm in the country.

Amish Farm Lancaster County PA

Horse-drawn carriages are the way to go in this area.

Buggy Tours Lancaster County PA

Our buggy ride through the countryside.

Horse Buggy Tour Lancaster County PA

Covered bridges are part of the unique landscapes.

Covered Bridges Lancaster County PA

Young Amish boy in his ‘Ferrari’.

Amish guy Lancaster County PA

Sunsets are beautiful everywhere, but this purple hue definitely makes it extra beautiful.

Amish Country sunset Lancaster County PA

One thought on “Amish Tour in Lancaster PA – Photo Essay”

  1. Lovely photo essay! Horse-drawn carriages are my favorite. I feel like walking into the pictures… 🙂

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