Good Ole Traditional Amish Cooking – Drool Over This Photo Essay

Amish Cooking is without a doubt one of my favorite ways to eat. Even though I’ve never lived in the country. Or been near a farm, but I must be a country girl at heart, cause the food in Lancaster has been one of my absolute favorites.

Everywhere you look, apple butter abounds. It’s served to put on toast, but personally, I think it works better as dessert. It’s so sweet.

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Apple Butter Good n Plenty Restaurant Lancaster PA USA

Roast Beef salad – this was a unique concoction resembling chicken or tuna salad. And you know what, I loved this way more than the others.

Roast Beef Salad Traditional Amish Cooking

Cole Slaw without mayo. Finally, a healthy way to eat this salad.

cole slaw amish traditional food

However, healthy isn’t really on anyone’s mind when eating real good country food. And the fried chicken, noodles full of butter, mashed potatoes are just some of the goodies you’ll get while visiting here.

Home cooking amish food

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Buffets seem to be the way to be here. Although, I highly doubt that the Amish eat like this, it’s more of a Lancaster County thing to do.

amish buffet in lancaster

They never end.

buffet amish traditional food

Haystack Salad – this was a great treat. Visiting an authentic Amish Auction and buffet was out of this world. It was called the Haystack buffet, that’s cause you stack everything high (veggies, sweet chili, and so much more) on top of each other.

Haystack Salad amish traditional food

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2 thoughts on “Good Ole Traditional Amish Cooking – Drool Over This Photo Essay

  1. Wonderful!!!!!
    I’ve lived 10 miles from this area all my life in the heart of Berks County, PA !!!!! So many wonderful traditions and beautiful memories. A fantastic area to grow-up in and to raise our family!
    Donna, Samuel, Robert James & Samuel Charles
    The Phillips Family

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