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What to Find at an Amish Auction – In Photos

Ever wonder what is being sold off at an Amish Auction? Since I’ve never been to any auction before in my life, everything was a great surprise for me. But an Amish Auction is a true treat.

The majority of the goods varied from antiques to carriages to sleds to homemade quilts and everything in between.

Manual Ice Cream Maker – yes, these still exist. They require no electricity and was actually the ice cream maker for the awesome Amish Haystack Buffet we had.


Miscellaneous stuff that can’t even be named – at least by me

Sale items - Amish Auction Lancaster County PA

I think this is a blade sharpener of some sort


Manual washing machine – this is as modern as it gets for the Amish


Bird eye view of the selling and stuff


Chilling out time


Quilts, these are amazing and I truly wish I bought one. But traveling with one back to Guatemala is simply too bulky.

Amish Quilts at Auction - Amish Auction Lancaster County PA

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