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Ambassador Cruise Line Will Be Making Its Way To The Sea From UK

Yes! The Ambassador Cruise Line is a new line that’s making its way through the British market. As we can see they are the first new cruise line in the market since 2010. That’s pretty amazing.A brand-new cruise line is making its way to the UK market: Ambassador Cruise Line and his ship called Ambiance are going to take you sailing

They have plenty of plans and itineraries schedule for the 2022/23 period. The first one will be launching on the 6th of April and will be 4 nights including Hamburg. All the sailing will be departing from/to London Cruise Terminal, Tilbury in the UK. This is an amazing way to explore. You even can sign up for a chance to join the VIP gala launch.

The Ambassador Cruise Line Ambiance

Who is the team behind Ambassador Cruise Line?

If you’re wondering where this Ambassador Cruise Line comes from, here’s your answer. The former bosses from the Cruise & Maritime Voyages, CMV for short, have gathered together to launch this amazing project. The team’s heads are the CEO, Christian Verhouning. He’ll be supported by Chief Commercial Officer, Christopher Coates. The CIO, Gary Hides, and CFO, Simon Weeks. Amazing team behind this project.

With a focus on the premium value. They offer an authentic cruise experience with traditional values too.

What’s the name of the ship used by Ambassador Cruise Line?

The Ambassador Cruise Line will be focusing on sailing using one ship. The once called “Pacific Dawn” will be known now by the name of “Ambience”. The ship can host 1,400 passengers. Cool, right?

As I said before the Ambassador Cruise Line main ship “Ambiance” will be launching in the Spring of 2022. That will be its inaugural season, as they mentioned. They will count with 33 no-fly programs visiting 88 different ports. The Cruise Line is planning to add more sailings to their list. From the regional ports that include Liverpool and Newcastle to an ex UK no-fly range of destinations.

The top tourist destination beside many short breaks. They will include the Norwegian Fjords, St Petersburg, Greenland, The Baltics. Also, you will have the chance to visit Iceland and The Arctic. There will be also a wide range of destinations for you to explore for winter. The ambassador cruise line ambiance will be sailing to Cuba, the Canary Islands, and the Caribbean. Also, you will have the opportunity to visit Cape Verde and Scandinavia.

The Ambassador Cruise Line will ensure that their guests have an amazing experience. Ambiance is a smaller to mid-size cruise with a traditional style. This makes the ship more relaxed, offering a high space ratio to their guests. They claim that the Ambassador mandate will ensure that everyone on the ship cruise is vaccinated.

This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who’s planning on taking a break. They offer a wide range of travel destinations, I’m sure you’ll find one that suits you and your family or couple.

We all love to sail, that’s true. Can you feel the wind in your hair? The excitement of arriving in a new port and the will to explore new locations.

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