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Wine Tours – Amazing Destinations that Any Wine Lover Needs to Visit

The love for wine is almost universal. There’s just something about this unique beverage that beckons to those with class, sophistication, and a refined pallet.Five of the most amazing destinations to go to if you are looking for the most interesting wine tours.Here, you will find a list of wine tours

While there is usually an array of wine options to choose from in any local area, to try something new, different, and a bit exotic, a bit of traveling may be needed.

For those who love wine, there are a few must-visit destinations to consider for a wine tour. Keep reading to learn what those destinations are.

Wine Tours

Wine Tours – Amazing Destinations that Any Wine Lover Needs to Visit

The States

While this is a more generic destination, the fact is, there are several places in the United States where wine lovers need to go. While California is an obvious destination with the number of wineries in this state alone exceeding 4,600 in 2016, there are more surprising destinations here, too.

For example, in Missouri, wine lovers can embark on a journey that explores all the historic wineries in this state, including Star Lane wines. The flavors and options here are unlike anything else in the entire world.

Wine tours to Douro Valley in Portugal

Found just a few hundred miles from Porto, this is a UNESCO World Heritage site. In addition to amazing wine flavors, there are countless Quintas from the 18th and 19th centuries, and stone-terraced vineyards tower over the slow-flowing Douro River.

This area is most well-known for the production of the white wine Vinho Verde. However, there are also a wide array of lesser known wine options at some of the Quintas, created from some of the indigenous grape varieties.

Franschhoek in South Africa

Found in the mountains at the very heart of Cape Winelands, this area is a dream destination for any wine connoisseur. Originally founded in 1688, this village is full of vineyards where wine-lovers can enjoy a vast range of delicious wines.

Some of the most well-known vineyards here include Solms-Delta, La Motte, Alle Bleue, and Chamonix. There are even a number of food and wine tours available in this area.

Saint-Emilion in Bordeaux, France

A region best known for its full-bodied and deep-colored red wine; this location is one of the most historic wine towns in all of the Bordeaux region. One of the main attractions here is the Les Cordeliers, which is a rustic winery standing in the ruins of a Franciscan monastery from the 14th century.

This location specifically has been producing the Cremant de Bordeaux wine in the ancient cellars for over a century. However, there are a few other wineries in this area, too.

Some of the other places to consider visiting while here include the Chateau Troplong Mondot and the Chateau Coutet. Each of these offers a unique experience that any wine-loving visitor is going to appreciate.

Wine tours Making the Most of a Wine Vacation

When it comes to any wine vacation or wine tour, there are ways to make the most of it. For example, traveling on a bus or in a van with others is a fun way to remain safe while being able to try the varied wines in the local area.

Take some time to get to know what areas are most appealing and then create a plan. This can ensure a person is able to make the most of their wine experience and that they have the opportunity to try all the flavors desired.

Now take a look at this article to find tips for going on a wine tour.

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