Alta Mira Restaurant Review: Stunning Place to Eat in Guatemala


Alta Mira Restaurant Review: Stunning Place to Eat in Antigua, Guatemala

woman lying inside a wood circle on top of a mountain at altamira guatemala

Antigua is surrounded by mountains and hills. Since we’ve been living here for 13 years, a lot of these hills have started to put restaurants in and one of these areas is going towards El Hato and one of those restaurant is called Alta Mira, a stunning place to eat in Antigua. Today I’m going to review the Alta Mira restaurant in Antigua Guatemala. 

When we first arrived in Antigua, there was only one restaurant that we used to go to and visit quite a lot. Then as time went on, other restaurants started to pop up a little further, even higher on this mountain (El Hato). All of a sudden today there are like 20 restaurants, and it literally has become like a zoo. People are desperate to go to these outdoor restaurants, and now there are so many of them, it becomes like absolute zoo traffic. It’s chaotic. It’s crazy.

Best time to go

However, you can go and visit a couple of these restaurants on weekdays when there are very few people going, and one of these places we wanted to check out is called Alta Mira. 

Alta Mira literally means high vista point. This is a popular restaurant, it is just a basic regular food fare, nothing spectacular at all.

altamira sign made out of wood in antigua guatemala

How to get there?

Alta Mira restaurant is located in El Hato, this is a village that is on top of a mountain. It’s about 10 minutes going straight up a mountain from Antigua. You can only get to it through Antigua. So you take it all the way to the top of El Hato Villa.  

Entrance prices

The entrance is 25 Q, which is about $4 per person. Just for the entrance fee, by the way, you need to leave your car at the bottom and pay about $7 for everybody for the shuttle, and you need to pay for your parking. So remember, you have to always add in all those costs. So just to even get to the place, you’re probably already spending more than $15 just before you even get there. It’s worth it.

Alta Mira Restaurant

They have a restaurant, but you can walk around, they do have little trails, and you can see that they really put a lot of work into the place.

Once you get up there, the restaurant is sprawled all over the place with these, areas that are sticking out of trees and mountains, but during the weekday it’s very few people, so it’s really cool, you get the best location with the best views, but then you can walk around. 

head made of wood at altamira restaurant in antigua


What they did to make them stand out as they put this huge like person that is made out of wood that you could walk through, and then you could actually end up on its hands, and you’re standing over, in the air on the hand, it’s quite, quite freaky, and it’s definitely not for super active kids and if you have crazy dogs because you can fall, and you can fall pretty far, but it is a really cool experience.

woman standing on a wooden hand on top of a mountain in altamira restaurant antigua

It’s really a place where you go and take a lot of photos. It’s like an Instagram photo place, basically. Then after that place, you can walk around and there are these chairs and butterfly-like sculptures. Another cool thing is that they have this plane, it’s a tiny little plane, but you can go, and you know, take a lot of different photos with it. 

woman sitting on the wing o a plane at altamira antigua guatemala

My Take on Alta Mira Restaurant

Is it a place where I would go for food? Absolutely not. You know, there’s nothing spectacular at all, but it’s not made for that, It’s like nachos, hamburgers, hot dogs kind of a place, but it’s definitely for the experience of it. If you could go on a weekday, you can actually enjoy the place. We were there on a weekday during the school day, and we still had to wait a bit in line, maybe like three or four people in front of us, to go through the wooden person to stand on its hand. I cannot even wrap my mind around what it looks like on a weekend. Like the zoo. The chaos totally takes away from it all. So if you could visit it on a weekday, definitely be recommendable. Otherwise, I would not put up with the stress of getting there or even being there. It’s simply not worth it.

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Last Updated on August 16, 2023

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