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All You Need To Know About Van Camping

Have you also been itching to get out on a long van camping trip? 

Well, you are not alone! The idea of wheel trips and van makeovers can tempt any adventurous soul.

However, before you set out on the best nomadic experience of your life, it’s important to know what caravaning is, how to build a camper van, what are the right accessories to carry, and the ways to make the most of your expedition.

This article will educate you on everything related to van camping. So read on till the end!

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How To Choose Your Camper Van:

You can go for vans specifically designed for camping or DIY your own versatile one from scratch with all essential amenities. While there are luxurious ones, it’s far more practical for beginners to go for compact and functional camper vans.

A few van options to consider for camping could be:

  • Multi-purpose vans:  They come in a range of sizes from a car size to a small truck. You can choose a suitable motorhome as per your space requirements.
  • Old school campervans: These are retro staycation classic caravans designed for short tours. Best from a comfort point of view.
  • Pop top campervans: These come with a roof that can be popped open and sides covered usually with fabric. Good for extra room and additional ventilation. Smaller in size and easier to drive.
  • Campervans with extra headroom: We are talking of a lot of headroom here. Some even come with separate sleeping areas and bathrooms. They might be costlier.
  • Mini or micro vans: They are almost car-sized passenger vans, are effectively cheaper, and can be transformed into a small-frame camper van.
  • Box vans or class A motorhomes: These are the largest and most luxurious of all camper vans. They have a strong base and are built with bedrooms, living areas, full kitchens, baths, and separate wash areas.
  • Cargo or loading vans: These vans have a  special cargo area attached to the passenger compartment that can be converted or built for camping.

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Van Camping Costs

The major splurge to make your van camping holiday fantasy come true would be a camper van itself. 

Even if you are to DIY it, you will need to incur on accessories, furniture, power systems, lights, flooring, kitchen, etc. The more you add, the more it will cost. 

You may also get it remodeled by a professional or go for rentals and calculate your expenses accordingly. 

Van Camping Accessories And Essentials

To live a van camping life one could simply pull out the back seats of a van, add a little furnishing, some lights, decor, mattresses and other needful equipment. Here’s a list of the basic accessories to be included in your camping van.

– Kitchenware

– Lights

– Portable power station

– Folding tables and chairs

– Washroom accessories

– Curtains

– Sleeping bags, mattresses, comforters

– Stove and gas

– First aid

– Tool kit

– Food stock

– Water supply

– Storage bags/ racks

– Coolers or heaters as per the weather

How To Decide On Van Camping Spots?

Find a scenic spot, any safe and exciting place like the riverside park, down the hill, in the middle of forests, beachside, and similar places you’ve been wanting to explore for ages. 

Or else you can opt for stealth van camping instead.

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Van Camping Hacks You Need To Know

– Always carry tents and hammocks for times when you want to sleep outdoors.

– Don’t forget to keep a canopy to protect from the rain.

– You should consider effective waste management and keep bins, biodegradable trash bags, etc.

– The camping van should have curtains or screens for privacy.

– You can invest in some easy-to-carry showers or rinse kits and camping toilets in the absence of a bathroom in your van.

– In case of a shortage of space, keep your setup as elementary as possible.

– Prepare for bad weather conditions while packing for camping in advance.


Van camping is as cost-effective as it is adventurous. You can drive around to explore never seen places and park whenever and wherever for lunch or an overnight bonfire in the heart of nature. 

It’s even better than outdoor camping in terms of safety, utility, versatility and comfort. 

So what are you waiting for, pack home on wheels and get wandering!

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