All Season’s Guest House in Hopkins Village, Belize: Family Friendly Vacation Rental

Belize is never-ending with places to visit and see. At first glance, the country looks so tiny, but – Oh My God! – there is simply so much to do and see. Our first coastal stop was Hopkins Village. I’ve heard so much about this undeveloped, and untouched gem, that I had to see it for myself. I discovered that it is a place with no large resorts. This was great for us, since I was looking for a vacation rental in Belize for my family.

welcome to hopkins village belize

Reading all about the tiny beach town, I also learned that the Garifuna culture is still strong here and the natives are proud of their roots and traditions. As you walk along the town and beach you’ll here young boys playing ritualistic Garifuna music and dance.

boys playing drums in a beach of hopkins village in belize

I immediately fell in love with All Season’s Guest House and after corresponding with Ingrid, the owner, I knew this was the place for us. Plus, the two-bedroom beachfront apartment which was available for our dates sealed the deal!

All Season’s Guest House in Hopkins Village, Belize

hopkins village in belize

Vacation Rental in Hopkins Village Belize:

Our beach apartment in Hopkins Village is part of a small building with 2 more apartments on top. Since we were traveling off season, we had the whole place to our selves, which means we literally had our own private beach! I’ve never stayed anywhere with my own beach.

belize beachfront hotel in hopkins village

The apartment was simply darling. It had a huge living room, dining room, and a full kitchen looking out onto the beach. So I was able to make up drinks and snacks for my family while keeping an eye on the kids as they played in the sand.

full kitchen beach apartment hopkins village belize

The bedrooms were large, with plenty of room for my kids to run around from one room to the other without bumping their heads on anything dangerous enough to send me into cardiac arrest with their every impulsive move.

2 bedroom beach front apartment belize

Whenever I think of beach houses, I always have an image, and this was the exact image I have – colorful, large on a private beach with comfy benches and palm trees looking out on to a still image of water.

beach front apartment hopkins village belize

The main guest house was across the street. This is also Ingrid’s home. And when you come over to use the internet and eat breakfast, you feel as though you are coming over to a good friend’s house. Her hospitality is fantastic. And not because she goes out of her way, but simply because she is living her dream and you feel her happiness rub off on you!

belize vacation packages beach front guest house

Every morning, before starting our lazy days we had amazing European breakfasts by Ingrid’s assistants and friends from Germany – Annett and Mirko. I’ve traveled to Europe before, so I remember the huge, tasty style food and they matched it to a tee. Plus, they are a fun couple that works as tour operators as well and will arrange whatever service you need while you’re staying at the Guest house.

european style breakfast in belize

I had a chance to visit other hotels while staying here, and I have to say, this was the best one. The location was close to everything, the house was perfectly situated, and the hosts were grand.

Thanks Ingrid, we really loved being in your company while traveling Belize!


Last Updated on April 29, 2022

2 thoughts on “All Season’s Guest House in Hopkins Village, Belize: Family Friendly Vacation Rental

  1. Looks like a wonderful time. I’ve been to Livingston, a Garifuna village in Guatemala. Unless one has traveled there or researched the area a bit, Garifuna culture comes as a very pleasant surprise.

    1. You have!!! We love livingston. I found it to have more of the Garifuna lifestyle, but Hopkins to have more of the musical traditions.

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