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5 Things to Do in Algarve, Portugal You Definitely Need to Try

If you have ever done the smallest research on cool beach vacations to have in Europe, you have probably already heard about the fact that traveling to the Algarve is one of the top choices for Europeans. That is because its coastline is one of the most gorgeous in the whole region, and winters tend to be mild and short. Making it an awesome place to visit year-round. Here you have some of the best things to do in Algarve, in case you are planning on traveling there.

The beaches are lined with top-notch hotels, restaurants, and bars that will keep you entertained for your whole vacation. But there is much more to check out and do than just beach bumming and sipping on cocktails, So here is a list of five fun things that will take you away from the beaches for a while. And trust me, you won’t miss them.

Traveling to the Algarve

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Things to Do in Algarve, Portugal

1. Take a Luxury Charter

There are all sorts of charters being offered that allow you to explore the coast from another perspective. You can take the party on them, enjoy a romantic sunset ride, or check out hidden caves that can only be reached by boat. If you look closely, you might even find dolphins trying to race the boat. There are a few companies offering these tours in the area, but Azure Luxury Charters would be my choice.

2. Algar Seco

Another MUST in the area is to explore some of its red rock formations. This particular one can be in Carvoeiro. These are gorgeous formations that have been formed by the sea. These are hollows in the cliffs and small caves that you can walk in while enjoying their beauty. They will give you tons of stunning photo opportunities.

3. Lagos Old Town

For those looking to explore small, cute, and old towns, the historic center of Lagos is perfect. On the outskirts, you can still see parts of the old wall that used to surround the town. This town used to be the capital of the Algarve. That happened between the 16th and 18th centuries.

There is a small museum in it where you can learn more about the historical importance of the town and see tons of old artifacts that go all the way back to the 4th century. Historic buildings like the 15th-century slave market and the Baroque Church of Santo António are also worth checking out.

4. Faro

Of course, we can’t forget the actual capital city of the Algarve. This will, most likely, be your entry point to the region through their airport.

This is a modern industrial and manufacturing hub where you can go shopping for any travel accessories that you might have forgotten at home.

But it also has an old town in its heart that you will want to check out. Just like Lagos, it still has its defense walls (but in slightly better condition). The place still has remained of Roman and Moorish buildings, but most of what you see is from the 18th century because the city had to be rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake.

5. Tavira

You will find this one near the coast in the eastern Algarve. This is probably one of the cutest towns that you can visit in the area, but it also has great historical importance. The place was a settlement for the Romans and Moors that even built a castle that can still be seen.

Interested in a car rental Tavira, that can be a great way to see the area.

Some of the highlights of the town include its many churches, its bridge, built in the 17th century on Roman foundations, the local market, and Ilha de Tavirawhere camping is allowed.

Bonus: Other cool things to do in the area include Golfing and water parks.

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