Is it Worth Paying Extra for Airboat Tours in Everglades National Park?

Airboat Tours in Everglades National Park
The Everglades National Park boasts a massive tropical wilderness and is famous for being the largest mangrove destination in the Western Hemisphere.

A visit to Florida is incomplete if you haven’t explored the Everglades National Park. With just a one-hour drive from the heart of Miami, you’ll arrive at the Southernmost part of Florida, where the historic natural treasure lies. 

The Everglades National Park boasts a massive tropical wilderness and is famous for being the largest mangrove destination in the Western Hemisphere. Getting an experience of the green world the Everglades National Park offers is one for the books. 

You can behold the natural allure of Everglades Park with various touring options within the facility. However, Everglades Airboat Tours offers an affordable way to enjoy an exciting and in-depth experience. This guide explores the budget-friendly way to tour the National Park at Everglades. 

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Fun Things to Do at the Everglades National Park

The Everglades is more than just a recreational park. It promises an unforgettable experience as you dive into the expansive and mysterious swampland. Once you arrive at the park, you can behold its expansive acres of land with subtropical wetlands and forestland housing diverse wildlife living across South Florida’s freshwater.

Here are some attractions to expect when visiting the majestic natural space. 

Wildlife Viewing 

The range of wildlife that Evaglades houses is one of the park’s top attractions. From the Gator Shows to exciting animal encounters, the park remains one of America’s havens for threatened and endangered animal species. 

Besides the alligators, you’ll find various wildlife creatures, including manatees, Florida panthers, dolphins, and diverse species of birds as you tour the Everglades Park. 


Another form of recreation to look forward to at Everglades is the enchanting birdwatching. With over 360 species of birds inhabiting the park, step into the Royal Palm area or Flamingo Districts for a better view of new flying creatures to watch during your stay. 

Airboat Tours in Everglades National Park
Birdwatching is a popular recreational activity at Everglades National Park with over 360 species of birds to see.


What is a park tour without hiking? At Everglades, you’ll find various hiking trails to explore during your visit. Whether you fancy an adventurous group hike with lots of activities or prefer short walks across the park, the options are endless. 

Popular hiking trails at the Everglades National Park include the Anhinga Trail, Pa Hay Okee Trail, Shark Valley Trail, Snake Bight Trail, and Mahogany Hammock Trail. 

The Anhinga Trail is perfect for people looking for the best view of the park’s wildlife. At the same time, the Pa Hay Okee Trail is best suited to visitors interested in hiking over short distances for a perfect view of the surrounding grasses and flowers. 

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Airboat Tours

Nothing beats the thrill of viewing the massive land space and wildlife collection of the National Park at Everglades while gliding across the shallow River of Grass flowing through the park. 

Without having to journey through the park, an airboat ride lets you explore the diversity of the Everglades ecosystem. Whether you are alone or in the company of friends and family, you can enjoy an educational and entertaining ride as you spot the various alligators, birds, snakes, racoons, and other animals that call the Everglades home.  

Airboat Tours in Everglades National Park
Gliding on a boat across the River of Grass offers another enthralling way to navigate the Everglades and experience its natural habitats.


Gliding on a boat across the River of Grass offers another enthralling way to navigate the Everglades and experience its natural habitats. Whether you want to fish or immerse yourself in the park’s alluring landscape, you’ll find fully equipped boats for rent waiting to aid your journey. 

Alternatively, you can bring your own boat and use the public boat ramps across various locations at the Park. These include the West Lake, Everglades City, Flamingo, and Chokoloskee Bay, where you can access the Ten Thousand Islands. 


Fishing at the Everglades Park is unlike any other. With opportunities for freshwater and saltwater fishing, you can reach into the massive expanse of water to catch various fish species. The freshwater areas have fishes like bluegill, catfish, and largemouth bass.

You can also take an adventurous fishing journey across the coastal and tidal areas, including the Florida Bay, to hunt various fishes, including tarpon, redfish, and snook. However, understand the Park’s fishing guidelines and get the required access before fishing in the Everglades. 

Also, remember to practice responsible fishing, including catch-and-release, to preserve some endangered fish species you may catch during your exploration. 

The Florida Everglades is a unique and exciting travel destination.

Emergencies can happen anytime while travelling. Be prepared!

Get travel insurance before starting your journey.

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Canoeing and Kayaking 

Getting on the Everglades water in a canoe or kayak offers a thrilling way to experience the park’s wildlife. With a close-up view while paddling through the shallow waters across the Mangrove Tunnels and Ten Thousand Islands, you can glimpse the various birds and other endangered animals – including the Florida Panther – habituating the National Park at Everglades. 

Is Paying For an Airboat Tour Within the Park Worth it?

For first-time visitors, stepping into Everglades Park seems like the only way to explore the extensive green and wildlife park. This is because many touring options exist within the facility, and millions of people troop in to experience the swamp life. 

But did you know there are alternative ways to beat the crowd and get a scenic view of the park’s plants and animals at a lower cost? Everglades Airboat Tours has cheaper high speed airboat rides with tour guides just outside the boundary of the National Park at Everglades. 

At $38.99 for adults and $26.99 for children, the 60-minute tour option is suitable for individuals and families and is the perfect way to soak in the breathtaking view from the park’s shores. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re a solo traveler on vacation, hanging out with your family, celebrating life’s moments like birthdays, or hosting corporate and family events, Everglades National Park is an ideal location for exploring South Florida’s natural landscape. 

Considering the crowd and expensive tour ticket costs inside the park, you can get a scenic tour of the Florida Everglades by taking an offshore airboat tour. The more affordable boundary tour option from Everglades Airboat Tours offers more value for money.  

Before journeying across the various natural attractions Everglades offers, familiarize yourself with the park’s rules and regulations, get permits when necessary, and stay safe during your visit to get the maximum fun. 

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Last Updated on March 25, 2024

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