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Did you know there is a simple, sure and quick way to check if you are eligible for compensation in case of a flight delay or cancellation? Check our free flight delay compensation calculator to see how much airline delay compensation you can claim if your flight was delayed.

Let AirAdvisor help you out.

Find Out How Much Can You Get

If you book a flight and the airline makes last-minute changes either there is a flight cancellation or a flight delay, you might be interested to know your eligibility for compensation, what you should do in order to claim this compensation and what are your passenger rights in this situation.

An excellent tool at your service created by AidAdvisor to help you check if you are entitled to flight delay compensation in just 2 minutes.

Why Claim Compensation With AirAdvisor?

With a perfect combination of long-time expertise in the field, broad partnerships and advanced technology, AirAdvisor offers a professional help to each traveller entitled to compensation. 

AirAdvisor makes claiming compensation an easy process and can help you get your refund in a fast way saving your time and efforts.

If you are dealing with a delay or cancelled flight, AirAdvisor is here to assist you and make sure your rights are protected and the airline complies with EU Regulation 261 and acts according to your air passenger rights. 

Know you can be entitled to claim flight delay compensation up to €600 ($700) if you experienced any delay, cancelled or overbooked flight.

With quick features our flight delay calculator is an effective and efficient tool and a great help in the not so easy process of claiming compensation, providing you with a free instant check and a fast claiming process with “no win – no fee” claims.

Air Advisor team of experts will take care of the entire process on your behalf starting with checking your flight details in-depth and collecting the data, contacting the airlines, working with the legal authorities and ultimately fighting for your rights so you can get your refund.

Air Advisor will do everything that is needed to provide you with a successful result and will update you with the progress so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Get your ticket handy and fill in our flight delay compensation calculator. We will do the rest.

So how does it work?

There is no other easy way than these 3 steps to proceed with your claiming compensation process:

Step 1: SUBMIT YOUR CLAIM to find out if you are eligible for compensation

You can submit a claim absolutely free of charge and check if you are eligible for compensation 100% risk-free. 

For this step documents and travel information is needed so keep the copy of your ticket handy. Within the flight delay compensation calculator, we will ask for basic flight information found on a ticket: flight number, airline, date and route; flight departing, flights arriving, and connecting flights.

After you fill in your flight information and basic personal details, we will tell you if you are entitled to compensation right the way.


One the first step is done and you know you are eligible for compensation, please feel confident to assign AirAdvisor your claim to help you get your money back.

You have nothing to lose since we don’t take any upfront payments.

Step 3: RECEIVE YOUR COMPENSATION and get money in your bank

The moment the airline makes the refund, we transfer the money to you, minus a fee of 30% from the amount you receive from the airline. 

However, we get paid only if we successfully claim the compensation on your behalf.  

 To support the steps you need to follow please see the following images below:

How much compensation can you get for a disrupted flight?

With the help of AirAdvisor for any flight delayed over 3 hours or cancelled flight you can get different flight delay compensation amounts depending on the duration of the delay in hours and the distance of your flight. The delayed flight compensation amount does not depend on the price of your flight ticket. 

Regulation EC 261 states different flight delay compensation amounts as follows:

  • All flights under 1,500 km for delay of more than 3 hours: €250
  • Internal EU flights between 1,500 km – 3,000 km for delay of more than 3 hours: €400
  • Non-Internal EU flights more than 3,000 km for delay of 3 – 4 hours: €300
  • Non-Internal EU flights more than 1,500 km for delay of more than 4 hours: €600

When Are You Eligible for Flight Delay Compensation?

Know that in the unpleasant event of a flight delay, your rights are protected by the Regulation 261/2004 or simply called EC 261 which is among EU regulated laws.

The EU law requires airlines to pay compensation to passengers who suffered long flight delays.

Unfortunately few air travelers know about it. 

Dont’ be one of them: know your rights when your flight is delayed and check if you’re eligible under EC 261!

No matter what your citizenship is or where you live to be entitled to compensation, according to EC 261, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You arrived at your final destination at least 3 hours late
  • Your flight took off from an EU airport (with any airline) or landed in the EU (and was operated by an airline headquartered in the EU)
  • The airline is responsible for the delay (i.e. the delay was not caused by “extraordinary circumstances”, like bad weather, air traffic control): any technical problems and technical faults considered by the Court of Appeal and the European Court of Justice which recognizes even unexpected issues as the airline fault.

How long after the flight delay can I claim compensation?

Considering EC 261 is retroactive allowing you to claim compensation for flight delays that occurred several years ago, exactly how far back you can claim varies depending on the statute of limitations of the country of departure or arrival.

  • Austria: 3 years
  • Belgium: 1 year
  • France: 5 years
  • Germany: 3 years
  • Italy: 2 years
  • Portugal: 3 years
  • Spain: 5 years
  • Switzerland: 10 years
  • United Kingdom: 5 years (6 years in Scotland)

Last Updated on July 7, 2023

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