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Agrari Beach – A Shiny Mykonos Crown Jewel Not Many Know Of

Somewhere between the vibrant, night-long parties, the astonishing luxury, and the incredible flow of champagne lies a Mykonos whose face very few get to see. The relaxed, peaceful, and authentic Mykonos infusing Greek island allure offers an entirely different type of holiday than its cosmopolitan side. Both equally exciting, though, they seem to meet in certain places, providing truly soul-pleasing experiences. One of them is Agrari Beach. Agrari Beach is a Shiny Mykonos Crown Jewel Not Many Know Of.Here is what makes Agrari one of the most idyllic shores in Mykonos.

Agrari Beach

#1. Agrari is not a party beach 

This can be great news for those looking for a quieter getaway and a more relaxing part of the coast off the beaten path on Mykonos. This particular part of Mykonos entices by its laid-back atmosphere and serenity, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular with locals. And,  yes, it is safe to assume that you will rub shoulders with much fewer tourists than in other Agrari siblings. All this brings us to the conclusion that Agrari is a perfect, secluded spot away from the partying crowds, where you will be hearing nothing but the sound of the waves (for the most part). So, ideal for a breezy day sunbathing and swimming after a crazy Mykonos night! 

#2. Agrari is a splendid family beach

Agrari has the same characteristics as all other Mykonos beaches. Therefore, expect crystalline waters, calm seas (except for the months after August and before May, when it is pretty windy), and a fair number of options to eat. No loud music to disturb your happy hours by the sea, lots of sunbeds and umbrellas on rent, and relatively shallow waters for the little ones to enjoy their beach time are things you’ll probably love about Agrari Beach with the family. 

#3. Agrari is where you can be clothes-free 

On this side of Mykonos, you can feel completely free to be with nothing but your birthday suit. A specific portion of the shore is nudism-friendly and is just sand, with no umbrellas or sunbeds. That way, you can experience an utterly carefree time by the beach and pamper yourself with dives in transparent waters, surrounded by little fish joking around you! Also worth noting is Agrari’s open-minded character as it is the most preferred shore among the gay crowds, which spill over to this beach if they can’t find a spot at nearby Elia Beach.  

#4. Agrari rewards with Greek island charms

To reach Agrari, you will have to drive a narrow, steep, and zigzagging road. However, the short, slightly challenging drive will gracefully compensate you with fantastic views of the archipelago, lovely panoramas of the Mykonos coastline, and stunning vistas of the shimmering Aegean Sea. And, although the sand is not as sugary as in other parts of Mykonos, you will still find all the right amenities for a fun time by the sea, including showers, free parking close to the beach, and restaurants. 

How to get to Agrari

There are no bus services to this beach, so you will need to drive there. Now, depending on the location of your chosen elegant Mykonos villa, this could be anywhere from a few minutes (i.e., if you stay near Elia beach) or a 25-minute ride from the island capital. Of course, you can always take the bus to neighboring Elia beach and then walk for a couple of minutes to get to Agrari. 

Alternatively, you may join a Mykonos boat tour and include a stop at this captivating Mykonos area. This is how many celebs choose to access many parts of the island, which is why you will probably see many luxury yachts anchored in the open sea and VIPs being flown to nearby stylish mansions and chic hilltop properties via private helicopter rides.    

No matter the reason, Agrari Beach is a must-visit for sure, especially if you are after authentic Greek island vacation experiences. Enjoy!

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