Top 5 Tips For an African Safari With Kids

Going on an African safari with children can make some parents nervous. They worry about whether the driving games will get boring, what food the kids will eat, and whether it was even wise taking them on a safari in the first place! Five tips on how to plan an African safari with kids. These tips for taking your children on an African Safari.

Taking Your Children on an African Safari

African Safari with Kids

These concerns are perfectly normal, but those fears are misplaced. In fact, African safaris can be one of the most stress-free vacation options, enjoyed by a host of famous faces, and what’s more, the whole family will never forget the experience.

From accommodation to transport, we’ve put together these top tips to keep in mind if you’re planning on undertaking an African safari adventure.

Make the game drives interesting

Long journeys can quickly become boring for children, so make sure you break up the game drive by staying in a location that enables you to take short walks or even horse rides. Look out for facilities that offer children’s activities too so you can keep the little ones occupied while you admire the scenery.

If possible, get a private vehicle

Traveling with other families can be fun but problems can arise when you’re waiting for a photo freak who insists on long stops to capture many shots at the expense of your children’s patience! A private vehicle lets you move at your pace and if you need to get anywhere quickly, you want to ensure you have your own mode of transport.

Do something different: try camping

Whether you opt for a campsite or tented camps, camping outdoors gives you a rich safari experience and helps you connect with the wildlife and nature. Many holiday providers offer a range of accommodation options, so make sure you do some research to find the best roof suited to your kin.

Many safari specialists also offer tailored-family Safari packages, so it’s worth exploring family safari holidays at Africa Odyssey and other leading sites to get an idea of the best deal.

Don’t cut costs on the Safari experience

Searching for cheaper accommodation options is fine, but resist the urge to cut costs on guides and vehicles. The last thing you want is to sit in a minivan in Masai Mara while your guide spends the whole day on the VHF trying to ask other guides where the animals are.

Bring binoculars and wildlife guidebooks

Be sure to bring plenty of wildlife guidebooks and at least one pair of binoculars to share with your family. Two pairs of binoculars are perfect, so your children can have their own, and they can even tick off the wildlife checklist as they spot the animals.

Last Updated on June 29, 2022

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