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Adventure Travel to Thai Outdoors: Learning Survival Skills

When we say survival skills, we don’t really mean you will get stranded in the wilderness on your next adventure travel. Because with a mobile phone, advanced GPS systems, and data roaming, it is really unlikely. However, if you are someone like me who likes exploring the unknown parts of the world, islands, rain forests, waterfalls and hidden and mysterious places around the world, then there are some things you should learn before your next adventure. Though we hope to never get stuck in a situation like this, it is still good to be prepared.Everything that you need to know about safety and survival for an outdoor adventure in Thailand.Learn all about Thailand Adventure Travel.

Adventure Travel

Survival Skills for Adventure Travel in Thailand

Adventure Trip to Thailand

Thailand is brimming with opportunities waiting for you to explore. From trekking, to hiking and everything to get that excitement and exploits running. Check out BKK flight deals and start your adventure trip to the outdoors.

Though it’s highly unlikely that you will find yourself cut off from civilization with no means of contact. However, nature can be a very real threat and it should not be underestimated. So if you are heading out for an adventure, especially if you are going camping, hiking or trekking, there are certain things you need to take with you and survival skills that you should head out with. Although in mountainous areas, there are people ready to rescue anybody in danger, assuming that they will always be available at the time of need is danger itself.

Adventure Travel in Thailand

An Essential Kit of adventure travel

I know it might sound a little too much, but I always keep painkillers and Band-Aid in a bag even if I travel to Bangkok. There are people who provide an essential kit for when you are planning to wander in the wild. We have you a guide of how to survive during your next wild adventure. These are some of the most important survival things to have and skills to learn before heading out on an adventure in the wild.

First aid of adventure travel

Always bring your first aid. Like discussed below, I never travel without painkillers or a band aid because I know how careless I can be. If you are going in the wild, you can’t afford even a simple cut or scrape as they can quickly become a bigger problem. For any hiking trip, make sure you have a basic first aid kit on you so you can prevent any minor injuries from turning into something more serious.

Be prepared for survival

The most important and basic survival skill is to be ready to embrace anything that might come to you while you are in the wild, hiking your way through nature. You need more than just your phone to survive in the wild. Therefore, make some time to pack all the necessary items in your traveling bag so you don’t run into trouble at all. You are prepared for anything and everything.

Water Resource/ Natural water of adventure travel

Always travel with water, even if you are in a city and just wandering around the cool districts. But if you are going camping or hiking, you should bring along enough water to survive the period of time you are going to stay there. God forbid, if you get stuck there, lose your way, or are simply too far away to buy a bottle of water before you run out of your stock, your number one priority should be finding water and making it drinkable.

The best bet while you are camping, hiking or trekking is flowing water. Flowing water has less chance to harbor bacteria. You should also look for animal tracks as they may lead to the water or maybe follow a flight of birds as they also land at valleys and gulley. These are also the places where water is flowing downhill, meaning you will get the purest, cleanest water here.

Water Filtration/ Purifier

Most importantly, take a filtration system if you are hiking or camping somewhere remote, just in case. If you have a pot, make sure you can light a fire or use your camping stove to boil the water before you drink it. You should also take water purification tablets or pocket filters whenever you are planning to camp somewhere remote. These are very easy to travel with, as they take up very little space.


You will need to learn how to start a fire if you are going to spend any extended period in the wilderness and you’re going to need fire. You’ll need it for the most basic needs like purifying water by boiling it and also keeping yourself warm. Therefore, make sure you always have matches, a lighter or fire steel on you when you are heading out for an adventure. You never know when this amazing life skill might come in handy.

Don’t overdress

One of the most important things you should keep in mind before your next adventure is that you have to have to dress accordingly. Your outfit should sync in with the environment to protect yourself from the elements. To protect yourself from the unhinging weather, make sure you make the right choices in terms of what you are going to wear for your adventure. Therefore, make sure you have done a bit of research about your destination so you know what weather to expect and you can dress accordingly. Make sure you have layers of warm clothing, such as a jacket, warm socks, and boots to keep your feet warm if it is snowing.

Arrange a Shelter

If you are going to stay in the wild for a long period of time, you need shelter. You cannot survive for more than three hours in extreme conditions if you don’t have a shelter. However, make sure you don’t take a makeshift shelter as it can be really difficult to stand. These shelters are also very fragile, which means absolutely any nature’s element can collapse your shelter. Therefore, make sure you take a lightweight shelter. These are perfect for emergencies and don’t take much space.


The only way you can make sure you don’t lose your way in the wild is a good map. You might have a really expensive phone but it will not come to your use if it’s run out of battery. Therefore, make sure you have a map and compass with you.

What other tips would you give to someone about to embark in adventure travel in Thailand?


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