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Adventure Tourism in ‘Torres Del Paine’ – Patagonia

The Torres Del Paine National Park, situated in the river rich area of Southern Chile in Patagonia, South America, is an area of outstanding natural beauty. With mountains, glaciers and lagoons ‘The Torres’ has many wonders to be discovered. In 1978 it was named an UNESCO national park due to its untouched and striking landscape, world famous for its unique granite rock formations, glaciers and lakes. The park lies north of Puerta Natales and Punta Arenas between the majestic Malleanic Sub Polar forests and the Patagonian Steppes.

The magnificent scenery of the park, makes it the perfect place for those that have a love of the outdoors, a great place try out an adventure holiday for all the family. There are several types of adventure activities that you can take part in when visiting the Torres Del Paine Park, the most popular of these are wild camping, kayaking, trekking and mountain biking.

It is possible to book a trekking tour of the park which will help you to take in most of its superb sights such as the famous ‘Cleopatra’s Fingers’ or Cordillera del Paine, the enormous granite monoliths of which the park is named after. The Paine massif which lies on the eastern spur of the Andes rising above the Grey Glacier and the lush valley’s which lie between the unique geological formations. The colossal Cerro Cota 2000 and Cerro Catedral cliffs create a cirque, within which the famous ‘French Valley’ lies.

There are plenty of short treks that can be done in Torres Del Pain, the famous treks such as the ‘W Trek’ or the ‘Circuit’ are quite long and require some experience hiking, but for something more family friendly ramble through the ‘French Valley’ and hike to the ‘Torres’ and Grey Glacier which are the main sights, rather than taking the full extended hikes over a week, which might be over zealous for the children.

Mountain biking has started taking off in the park over recent years, check out some of the routes that are available. There are plenty of spots within the park which allow mountain biking and the activity can be taken part by people of all ages depending on which route is chosen. It’s a great alternative for visiting the Torres Del Paine for those not as keen on walking.

To explore some of the park’s great lakes such as the Lago Pehoe take a kayaking lesson. Lake Pehoe lies in the centre of the park with stunning views of the Paine Grande Mountain and the Cuernos (horns) Del Paine. The Laguna Azul, in the north east of the park is also a perfect spot for kayaking or taking a boat trip. Wild-camp near Laguna Azul and visit the famous caves from here. Alternatively camp near Rio Serrano, where its possible to kayak alongside nearby Glacier Grey. There are amazing views of the glacier with its newly formed icebergs which have broken free from the river of ice.

The Torres Del Paine National Park in Southern Chilean Patagonia is a spectacular place of amazing beauty – with sub polar forests, mountainous peaks, lakes and glaciers. This is the perfect location for an adventure holiday with a difference. Try out an activity such as wild camping, kayaking or mountain biking to see the park in an exciting way.

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