Advantages and Disadvantages of Travel Insurance


Advantages and Disadvantages of Travel Insurance
In this post we’ll be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of traveling with travel insurance.

The main time that I first started using travel health insurance, which also included travel insurance, was when I left 22 years ago on a backpacking trip. I traveled for almost a year and a half, and the one thing that I definitely budgeted for was travel insurance.

Since I was a backpacker, a lot of times people like to cut corners. I did notice that the majority of the other backpackers that I traveled with or met along the road usually did not have any health insurance.

Even though we were traveling throughout Mexico, Central America, and Latin America, where health insurance overall is quite affordable, they just didn’t bother. Today we’re going to be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of traveling with travel insurance.

Advantages of Travel Insurance


At one point, I had some pretty crappy health problems along the way, and I had to be operated on and all this other stuff, and it was 100% covered. All that money that I paid for my travel insurance and health insurance paid off in spades when I had my surgery, and I ended up not having to pay anything.

Private Hospitals and Doctors

I had the best of the best doctors, the best hospitals, private hospitals, and private rooms.

But when I actually met others who have had similar, not the exact same health problems as I did, but had other massive health issues along the road and did not have health insurance, travel health insurance, they landed in local hospitals where they got more infected, even sicker, because of the horrific places.

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It’s not like we’re talking sometimes $100 a month. It depends, obviously, completely on the health, on the travel insurance that you’re going to be going with, and the medical thing that you’re going to go with. But even the most minimal can get you so much.


It saves you so much. And honestly, I never, ever travel without medical at least travel medical insurance, and usually travel insurance as a whole. My husband had a really horrific accident where it was actually where we lived, but we had a huge six-week trip planned to go to Europe, and it was all completely paid for.

His accident happened four weeks before having to go, and there was no way we were able to go. And because I spent that extra money on travel insurance, which I recommend getting at least a month to six weeks before your trip, it totally covered everything, our trip, cancellation, everything.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Travel Insurance
There is not one good thing about not buying health insurance, travel insurance – getting travel insurance really is a no-brainer.

Save Money

I bought it because I did want to save money, so I bought non-refundable flight tickets. So the airline wasn’t actually the airline, it was would not give me back my money, but my travel insurance did.

You need to really consider what are the benefits as far as saving that extra couple of $100 versus losing thousands of dollars. And again, whenever we travel, accidents happen.

Furthermore, to maximize your savings without compromising on coverage, always be on the lookout to save big with travel insurance promo offers, which can significantly reduce the cost of your policy.

My son one time got really sick, and we were in the US. So it is even covered in the US. And it wasn’t that much money. I’ve covered his entire medical visits and his medicine in the US. You can go bankrupt with that.

Don’t leave Home without this

Anything can happen while you’re on the road. So, BE PREPARED for it!

Get a TRAVEL MEDICAL KIT before you start your journey


I have heard terrible stories of people who just did not. They’re like, oh, we’re just going to wing it. You just don’t wing it. And this goes far as well for car insurance, go that little extra because you don’t have a clue how much you are saving.

So what are the disadvantages? Nothing. There is not one good thing about not buying health insurance, travel insurance. What are the advantages? Everything. So honestly, this is not where you want to cut your cost ever.

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Last Updated on February 7, 2024

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