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Tips on How to Add More Variety to Your Travel Snacks

When you travel, you need to remember to eat regularly. But then, when there’s no grocery store nearby, and the food options either look horrifying or are hours away, what are you supposed to do? While you’ll most likely never be in such a state of starvation that you consider doing something crazy, sometimes, the hunger pangs can turn a fun trip into a far less enjoyable one.Many things that you can take with you as travel snacks but not a lot of people are sure about what they should be.

Travel Snacks

Snack packs are the most obvious and efficient answer. Think about it. You can pack exactly what you like to eat, and it can be a good balance of being healthy and being tasty enough that you can munch on it for days without it seeming like a chore. You can do so much better than, “At least I’m not starving.” By adding some variety to your snack packs, you can eat like royalty no matter where you are.

How to Add More Variety to Your Travel Snacks

Keeping Dry

When you travel, you have more to concern yourself with than how much of any kind of liquid you’re carrying. While the TSA may get on your case if you’re carrying anything that’s wet, they are nowhere near your only potential source of problems. It’s important to remember that the moister things are, the heavier they are. Carrying around a bunch of water can turn into a burden.

As well, mold and decay become problems sooner rather than later when your snack packs contain much moisture. Keeping a variety of dry foods instead of things like fresh fruits and meats will save you from a lot of disgust down the road.

What to Pack

Jerky is a powerful part of your snacking arsenal since the dryness means that this meat can be kept for a very long time. As well, so long as you can find something to drink along with it, turkey jerky is a good choice. The high protein content will help you feel full for longer, and the salt that usually goes into jerky means that any salt cravings you induce through sweating a lot will be relieved.

Dry fruits are also excellent. These are mostly carbs, but they tend to have a lot of fiber that can help you feel full. As well, the amount of micro nutrients in the fruits is great for your overall health. Just try to dry them out for yourself, since the kind you can generally purchase tends to be infused with a lot of sugar.

Nuts are also a great addition to your kit. You can get wholesale pistachios, walnuts, almonds, and other kinds of nuts that are full of monounsaturated fats. These will keep your muscles working well, and they are great for your skin. They also take longer to be digested than carbs do, so that you can feel full for a reasonably long amount of time after a few handfuls of nuts.

It’s essential to find a mixture of dried snacks that fits you. Obviously, avoid any allergies, and keep a variety, so each snack is a slightly different type of treat.

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