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Active Wear for Women Review – Champion Women’s Train Hoodie

For the past five years I have been an enthusiast of fitness. As most of us I started going to the gym and going for a couple of jogs per week to help me lose some fat. With time I started developing a true love for those activities which increased every time I noticed I was doing some progress.

Since then working out or doing any kind of physical activity has become something I do for pure pleasure. It makes me look good and feel amazing.

Active Wear for Women Review - Champion Women's Train Hoodie

There is only one thing I would consider not fun about doing daily physical activities and that is having to buy tons of workout clothes so I have a good amount in order to not run out until the next washing day. This means that over the years I have had to buy a lot of workout clothing and have tried tons of brands. Some of them awesome for their durability and the comfort they provide and some other not so good.

This particular time I was looking for something lightweight to wear over my workout clothes after working out. I have used Champion running shoes before and enjoyed them so I ended up in their website checking out their clothing section. That’s how I found the Women’s Train Hoodie.

The first thing that caught my eye was how stylish and cool it looked. The photos also showed it as a loose fitting hoodie. This made the sale for me.

When I first got it I noticed that it was much more than that. The hoodie is so lightweight that it can be also used as a top on its own and still looks awesome. It also comes with holes for your thumbs which, for me, makes it more comfy and warm on colder days.

I wore it numerous times for long runs and worked amazing, it allows me to stay cool but protected from the sun. However my favorite time to use it is for those early morning running sessions. Plus, this might be TMI but I even noticed that even when I sweat like a mad person I don’t get as stinky as I normally would.

Active Wear for Women Review - Champion Women's Train Hoodie

Then an idea came to my mind, maybe it would be a nice thing to wear on my next hike (another of my hobbies). It was going to be a three day hike along a place famous for its hot and sunny weather. On the first day I wore it as my shirt for the walk and once more did just what it was supposed to do, it kept me cool and I didn’t get sunburn.

Then on the way home we stopped for some sightseeing in Xela (the second largest city of Guatemala), a place known for its cold weather. That was when I realized that I forgot to pack a casual sweater, so I put this over my shirt and went for a walk. I’m happy to report that it kept me warm enough to be able to enjoy the place.

There is only one moment or rather one type of activity when I wouldn’t use it and that is anything that involves stuff like burpees because the hoodie can get a bit on the way. But other than that the Women’s Train Hoodie by Champion is an amazing, versatile and stylish piece to own.

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