6 Accommodation Options for Your Next Vacation Abroad

6 Accommodation Options for Your Next Vacation Abroad
The 6 accommodation options below provide a very wide range of options in terms of budget and convenience. You are sure to find one that suits your vacation accommodation needs.

6 Things to Consider When Booking Lodging for Your Overseas Trip

While traveling slowed noticeably and understandably during the pandemic, more people are dusting off their passports and heading to foreign destinations.

According to one source, global destinations welcomed 22% more international tourists in the third quarter of last year versus the same period in 2022. And the international tourism market was on pace to climb to nearly 90% of pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2023. 

When planning an international excursion, you’ll need a place to stay. The good news is there are options to fit your needs and budget. Consider these six lodging options for your trip.

1. House

One option is a family home. Use a platform to rent a dwelling for however long you need. You’ll get to meet and greet with people in the neighborhood without the crowded environment of a hotel. 

When looking for a house to rent for your international trip, ensure it has what you need. Are you traveling with family and friends? Look for a place with sufficient space. You can also seek amenities like hot tubs, swimming pools, or outdoor fireplaces.




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2. Hotel

Another option is to stay at a hotel. While lacking the privacy of a house, a hotel is a good idea if you want a quick and easy booking process. You can find a hotel ideally situated in your vacation destination to make getting to and fro easier. Another benefit is that you can find all-inclusive options for accommodations, food, and other things. So, if you want a minimum-fuss lodging experience, a quality hotel can be a great choice.

3. Couchsurfing

What do you do if your travel budget isn’t as big as your travel aspirations? One option is couchsurfing. The good news is there are some platforms online you can use to find willing hosts. The concept is simple. These platforms pair travelers seeking cheap accommodations with homeowners willing to host these foreign travelers for short-term stays.

If seeking relatively cheap lodging, authentic cuisine from a family local to the area, and the opportunity to learn more about the people and culture, couchsurfing is worth considering.

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4. Camping

If you enjoy roughing it on trips, camping is worth considering. Do your homework to ensure this option is doable in the country you’re traveling to. If you feel comfortable setting up a tent, rolling out a sleeping bag, and roughing it in a foreign country, camping can save you money and allow you to explore the unbeaten path.

Camping is one of recommended accommodation options you should consider for your next vacation.
Camping is one of recommended accommodation options you should consider for your next vacation.

5. Hostel

Another lodging option is a hostel. It’s a low-cost, short-term lodging option. If reserved or introverted, you might not want to stay at a hostel. If you’re okay with renting the top or bottom bunk in a room that might have several bunks with people you don’t know, a hostel is worth considering.

As part of the arrangement, you’ll typically have shared access to a kitchen, lounge area, and bathroom facilities. But if you’d rather spend as little as possible on lodging so you can enjoy your vacation destination more, add hostels to your list of lodging options.

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6. House Sitting

A house-sitting arrangement is another lodging option. You can stay in a home, take care of it while the owners are away, and stay there for free or at a low rate. The good news is there are online platforms you can use to find homeowners living in areas where you want to travel.

When traveling abroad, you should focus on finding the right place to stay. There are plenty of avenues to take. It comes down to your preferences and budget. The goal is to have a great trip — and finding the right place to stay will factor heavily into how much fun you have.

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Last Updated on April 5, 2024

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