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Accessible Holidays for People with Disabilities

Having specific requirements for accessibility shouldn’t rule out adventurous overseas travel. As more and more operators focus on inclusive, particularly smaller companies, there is a wealth of choice in disability-friendly tours and travel destinations.Here are some ideas for short- and long-hall breaks for people with disabilities, from Europe to the Americas and further afield.

Of course, having mobility or other needs can make it more complicated to choose a travel itinerary. Starting with where to go. Should you choose somewhere touristy that may be developed for the needs of disabled people? Or somewhere off the beaten track where you will encounter locals eager to help travelers with any issues they may have? How do you pick the ideal place for some much-needed rest and relaxation?

5 Best Accessible Holiday Destinations for People with Disabilities

People with Disabilities

1. Slovenia

Slovenia is an overlooked destination for overseas travel, especially when you consider accessibility requirements. But the country is blessed with striking and picturesque locations that are also particularly suited to people with limited mobility. The highlights include Ljubljana, Lake Bled, the Slovenian seaside and skiing in the Julian Alps. Feel NoLimits Tours are among the specialized travel operators that take small groups on guided trips into this fascinating country.

2. Antarctica

Does it feel like everything is off limits when you think about travel with a disability? Then you probably never considered Antarctica as a destination. It’s not the first place that comes to mind. Yet this is a wonderful location to experience the wilderness in safety and comfort. Wheelchair-adapted cruise ships provide accessibility between floors, and access to the land excursions. Anyone can enjoy sailing over the frozen waters surrounding this beautiful continent.

3. Croatia

Another European favorite, Croatia offers spectacular islands and a varied coastline, and plenty of opportunities to experience the landscape and culture whatever your abilities. There are tour operators offering activity breaks including river rafting and cycling. Or you can take it at a slower pace and explore from the luxury of a cruise.

4. Alaska

This is another destination that appears to be out of the reach of anyone but the hardiest of travelers. However, Alaska presents no barriers to exploring, trekking, cruising, or camping – the wide open spaces lend themselves to accessibility. Whatever your needs, you can find a tour company that will cater to you.

5. Vietnam

Further afield, the varied and exciting terrain of Vietnam is ripe for exploration. Plenty of hotels and transport options have been adapted to people with varying mobility needs, and you can also find holidays with a focus on the outdoors or on quieter, more cultural activities.

If you’re inspired to try a new destination on your next trip, these suggestions will start the planning process. When searching for a suitable holiday location, consider the transport options in and to the destination, as well as how easy it is to access restaurants, shops, and cultural sites. Small-group and family-run tour operators provide the attention to detail you need when planning a trip with additional needs.

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