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A yacht charter at the beginning of winter holidays? It’s easy!

Winter holidays are coming. Have you already thought about how you are going to spend your time? Maybe it’s time to try chartering a yacht? Trust us, you will have a holiday full of peace and relaxation in a unique place! Is it your first time chartering the yacht? We will explain to you the most important things you should know before setting off on your winter cruise and answer the most frequently asked questions. 

How to charter a yacht? 

A lot of people say that you need a lot of documents to charter a boat. Well, no! There are two options: 

– renting a yacht with a skipper (a form of guide-steerman), 

– a skipper’s license which is required to steer the boat yourself. 

Once you have completed one of these two options, you can start to plan your cruise with our yacht charter online. 

We recommend at first to plan holidays on water with someone experienced. 

Which yacht to choose for your first trip? 

It will be easier to start with a smaller boat up to about 40 feet. Handling and maneuvering such a yacht will not be too much trouble, which will help you avoid stress and enjoy your trip. Another important thing you should consider is the year in which the yacht was built. Newer models are equipped with more advanced technologies that can do some of the work for you, which is a big advantage. 

There are four types of yachts: motor yachts, catamarans, sailing yachts and gulets. While making a choice you should consider: the size of your crew, the time you are going for, the distance you plan to travel, where you will be, and of course your budget. The best solution 

is to answer these points for yourself. Thanks to an intuitive search engine, selecting the right offers will not be a problem for you. 

Where to go for a trip? 

YACHTIC offers a wide range of destinations. The most popular location is Croatia because of the climate, number of beaches and harbours. You can use our yacht charter search engine. As we care about the safety of inexperienced people, we do not recommend going to large gatherings of people, which can cause stress, problems or even collisions for beginners.

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