A Supreme Sightseeing Experience in Las Vegas

When you think of Las Vegas, what comes to mind? Glittering casinos, dazzling shows, and non-stop nightlife, right? While the Las Vegas Strip is famous for these attractions, there’s a side to Sin City that often goes unnoticed—the breathtaking natural beauty and unique sights that surround this desert oasis. 

In this article, we’re going to take you on a journey beyond the neon lights and explore a supreme sightseeing experience in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Skyline Night View
Las Vegas Skyline Night View

1. Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

Just a 30-minute drive from the heart of Las Vegas, you’ll find the stunning Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. This 195,819-acre natural wonder is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The star of the show is the brilliant red sandstone formations that give the area its name. 

Scenic Drive: The 13-mile scenic drive through the conservation area offers jaw-dropping vistas at every turn. It’s an ideal way to soak in the beauty of the Mojave Desert without breaking a sweat. Along the way, there are several overlooks and picnic areas where you can pause and take in the sights. It’s a must-see destination in Las Vegas

Hiking Trails: For those seeking a more active adventure, Red Rock Canyon boasts numerous hiking trails of varying difficulty levels. Calico Tanks Trail is a popular choice, offering a moderate hike that leads to a natural water basin and panoramic views of the Las Vegas Valley. Keep an eye out for desert wildlife like bighorn sheep and tortoises.

Rock Climbing: Are you an avid rock climber or interested in trying it out? Red Rock Canyon offers world-class climbing opportunities with thousands of routes to choose from. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced climber, there’s a challenge awaiting you on these crimson cliffs.

2.  The Venetian Resort and Casino

The Venetian Resort and Casino is a remarkable architectural wonder that transports you to the romantic streets of Venice, Italy, right in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. This luxurious resort is not just a place to stay; it’s an experience in itself.

Gondola Rides: The Venetian is famous for its indoor and outdoor gondola rides along the Grand Canal. Glide beneath charming bridges, past cafes, and serenading gondoliers. It’s a romantic and whimsical escape from the desert heat.

Casino: Of course, The Venetian is home to a world-class casino where you can try your luck at various table games, slots, and poker. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or a novice, the opulent surroundings make it a unique gaming experience. You can also check out Anna Marie Galea’s review of WOW Vegas casino if you prefer to get your thrills online – WOW Vegas is just as good as its real life counterpart without the crowds. 

Dining and Shopping: The resort features a plethora of exquisite dining options, from Italian cuisine at Canaletto to the upscale dining experience at Delmonico Steakhouse. Afterward, indulge in some retail therapy at the Grand Canal Shoppes, where you can find designer boutiques and luxury brands.

Entertainment: The Venetian offers top-notch entertainment, including shows like “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Rock of Ages.” Don’t miss the Venetian’s own nightclub, TAO, for a vibrant nightlife experience.

3. Seven Magic Mountains

Just a short drive south of Las Vegas, you’ll find an unexpected and whimsical sight in the middle of the desert. Seven Magic Mountains is an art installation created by Ugo Rondinone. This collection of seven towering, neon-coloured boulders stands out against the desert backdrop.

Art in the Desert: The vibrant colours and surreal appearance of Seven Magic Mountains make it a must-see for art and Instagram enthusiasts. The stark contrast between the fluorescent rocks and the desert’s natural hues creates a visual spectacle.

Sunset Spectacle: While Seven Magic Mountains is an impressive sight at any time of day, it truly comes alive during sunset. As the sun dips below the horizon, the colours of the sculptures intensify, casting a magical glow across the desert landscape.

In conclusion, Las Vegas is undoubtedly a city of glitz and glamour, but it’s also surrounded by some of nature’s most stunning creations. From the fiery red rocks of Red Rock Canyon to the artistic brilliance of Seven Magic Mountains, these supreme sightseeing experiences offer a different perspective of Las Vegas—one that goes beyond the casino floors and into the heart of the Nevada desert. 

So, the next time you’re in Sin City, take a break from the blackjack tables and venture out to discover the breathtaking beauty that surrounds this iconic destination. Las Vegas has more to offer than you might have ever imagined.

Last Updated on October 14, 2023

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