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A Sports Enthusiast To-Do List: 7 Activities You Can Enjoy in Australia

Australia is well-known for its love of sport, and there are plenty of activities that tourists can enjoy while they’re in the country. Whether you’re looking to experience some of the more unique sports that Australia has to offer or simply want to participate in a traditional game or two, there’s something for everyone.

As a visitor to Australia, you should get to know the top sports you can enjoy in the country. You can watch and even try it out on your trip! Just be sure to have enough stamina when visiting so that you won’t get tired quickly by trying every sport Australia offers. 


Golfing is good for your mind’s health. Playing golf till the end is a prolonged mental exercise that keeps you focused on your task and relieves your stress outside the golf course. It also helps that Australia has some of the best golf courses with gorgeous sceneries, such as The Vines Golf Course in Perth

Play for a day to get to know why Australians love golfing. Who knows? You may come back to Australia for more. 


The country is known for its beaches and water sports, so surfing is very common. In addition to swimming, surfing is also popular among locals and foreigners. You have to try surfing at least once when traveling in Australia. 

The waves and waters of their beaches are like no other. Australia is considered the ultimate surfing destination. The waves on Australian beaches are always consistent, which is suitable for surfing. Its waves come from Antarctica and travel to the south coast shores of Australia.


For Australians, swimming is a life skill that even younger children must learn. Indeed, learning to swim prevents them from the possibility of drowning, and they can help friends and families. So, when traveling there, you’ll see numerous locals on the beaches who know how to swim. And if you have just started to learn how to swim, don’t worry since plenty of beaches in Australia are patrolled by lifeguards. 

Additionally, with the numerous beaches Australians have, it’s impossible not to love swimming. The notable beaches best for swimming in Australia include Whitehaven Beach, Kangaroo Island, Cable Beach, and more! These crystal blue waters are indeed a feast to enjoy.


In the summer, cricket is the most beloved and popular sport. If you want to improve your skills in cricket, Australia is an excellent place to train since quality skills are taught in this country. In fact, Australia is the number 1 cricket team in the world.

You can play it competitively, but it’s also famously known as a backyard or beach sport. Indeed, you can play it anywhere as long as you have someone to play it with! You can even ask the friendly locals to play with you.


If you’re a sports enthusiast, you may have probably heard of the NRL. NRL stands for National Rugby League, played by thousands of professional players. Australia is an excellent place to watch how aspiring teens try to train to enter the NRL. 

Many Australians love sport due to the mix of athleticism and hardness that you can observe. It’s become one of the most popular sports in the country since it’s a skillful fast-moving game with the support of many of its fans. Be sure to visit from March to October to watch the game in Australia. You may even watch the NRL Grand Final in Australia during this time. 


Tennis is another sport that’s truly embedded in many Australians. People of all ages play tennis to stay fit and engage with friends and family. Its popularity is evident in Australia’s numerous open spaces to cater to those who want to play tennis. 

The weather in Australia is also perfect for playing tennis. Despite the physical strain of the sport, since you would have to use all muscles when playing, tennis remains one of the beloved sports in Australia.


It’s not a sport, but it has the highest participation rate among the sports. Recreational walking is familiar to Australian adults. It’s an excellent way to get exercise for the locals and appreciate the country where they live.

Set a day in your itinerary where you walk the lands of Australia to appreciate its view and glorious history. It’s an excellent way also to observe the locals and see things you never did when just traveling. You can enjoy the activity by doing the Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk, Murray River Walk, Arkaba Walk, and more.

Final Thoughts

There are so many activities you can enjoy in Australia. You can enjoy its museums and beaches, and if you love sports, you can try it out at different facilities and parks (through walking or cycling). 

Australia is a special place for sports enthusiasts. Now that you’re planning on going on a trip there, you can also be one of the people who know its beauty and greatness. Use the information above and note what you want to try out on your trip.

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