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A Simple Guide to Shop Fittings and Types of Displays

From hypermarkets, and retail stores to corner stores, store design, and shop fittings, are a must. Whether you want to create an exciting or unique space, an on-point designed store will make your shop stand out from the rest. The most suitable fitting will reflect your brand, your values, vision, and audience. But there is something you need to consider before.

Starting from the space you have, the layout and size matter, also you need to take into consideration the color pallet and the vibe or feeling your place needs, for this, you require the help of professionals like PenboDisplay. There are many different shapes for fittings, some are made for a single purpose like a jewelry showcase and others are complementary shelves like smoke shop display cases. It will depend on what sort of store you plan.

What is shop fitting?

A store is composed of many things, and shop fittings are the equipment that composes the interior of a shop. These fixtures can include (but are not limited to) racks, many styles of displays, furniture, and shelves for the shop.

With shop fitting, an owner can achieve the purpose of having an inviting and comfortable space for buyers to enjoy, while making the shopping experience easy and convenient. Getting a good fixture is a must for any shop to be successful, but how do you achieve this?


PenboDisplay is a supplier of shop fittings, one of its biggest draws is the amount of experience they have to offer with over 20 years in the industry. Not only that, the company offers everything you need to achieve a good store fitting, their team is composed of designers, engineers, production, and more.

A sales consultant will help you with your purchase and an after-sales group will assist you afterward, you can expect help at different stages of equipping your shop.

Different Types of Displays

Depending on the type of store you have or want, you’ll need different shop fittings and maybe even custom ones. But here are some of the most common.

Display Cabinet

One of the common pieces of equipment for stores is display cabinets. It’s like a shelf with a glass on the front, its purpose is to make your products eye-catching while showcasing them in a simple-to-see way.

There are many types of this kind of cabinet, it comes in a huge range of different sizes and styles.

Display Rack

Another common fixture for the store is display racks, and the number of designs and types is huge. This type of furniture is like an open shelf and is usually tall or wide, a common application for this is, for example, to store books, clothes, or box-type items.

Glass Display Case

This type of furniture for stores is common among stores that want a complete showcase of their products. A wide shelf made completely from glass gives more viewpoints for the shopper. Glass display cases are commonly used in shops that need a different level of security, like boutiques or jewelry stores.

The glass often prevents the products from damage or theft, preventing the customer to touch the item without asking for it. This type of fixture comes in many different sizes and styles.

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