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A Simple Guide To Help You Perfectly Plan Your Next Trip To Ireland

Ireland is one of those countries you have to see in person in order to get the full experience. It is a beautiful country for both urban and natural tourists, so you have a lot of ground to cover when you go there. However, before heading out on this adventure you must do some planning because no one wants to get lost or stay undecided about what they want to see once they travel somewhere, especially when it is another country. Ireland is one of those countries you have to see in order to get the full experience.In this post to see how to plan your trip to Ireland.

How should you plan your next trip to Ireland?

Ireland is famous for both its cities and its nature, so you might want to consider planning out a trip that covers both. But first, before traveling you also need to think about your safety and how to protect yourself. That is why this article is perfect for you because it will represent a simple guide of everything you need to do in order to perfectly plan your trip to the Emerald Isle.

Trip To Ireland
  1. Get travel insurance

Whenever you are doing something, you should always remember the golden rule: Safety first! That is why you will have to get travel insurance cover for Ireland in case something happens to you. This way you will not have to pay enormous fees in case you get injured on a hike or anything else happens to you. A good insurance policy will keep your wallet fat because it will cover all medical and other expenses you might run into.

  1. Check the visa requirements

Depending on where you are coming from, you might need a visa to visit Ireland for up to 90 days. This is a standard procedure for tourism purposes. Make sure to always confirm the requirements through some official source before traveling. Here is a list of countries to which this rule does not apply:

  • USA
  • The United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Member states of the European Union

Also, you should check the validity of your passport. The common practice is that they ask that it is valid for at least six more months, so keep it up to date. While it is in the EU, the Emerald State is not a part of the Schengen Zone.

  1. Book a rental car

A trip to a country such as Ireland usually means people want to get a rental car because it is simply way easier to get around that way. Having a car will make your trip way simpler and you will get to see more of this beautiful European state. However, before jumping into anything, always read the contract of the company you are renting a car from. Some of them require that you have an International Driving Permit and you might want to look into license restrictions to see what you can or cannot do. In case you are planning on driving to Northern Island, there might be a fee for that so make sure you get all the information.

Trip To Ireland
  1. Finalize your budget

You have to know how much money you are willing to spend. The best way to do so is to divide the expenses you will pay for the travel, accommodation and rental car. After that, you will know how much money you have set aside and how much you can spend. This means it will be easier for you to decide where you can go once you land.

  1. Create a checklist of the places you want to visit

Just like other countries, the Emerald State offers a lot of different places you might want to visit. So before heading out, you should make a checklist of the must-see locations. You should do this by looking at the hotspots, but also figure out what exactly you personally want to see. Once you have everything on paper, there is no reason for your trip to go bad.

  1. Get the detailed maps of the places you plan on visiting

When you are traveling somewhere, your top priority should be not to get lost. In order to do that you should find detailed maps of every place in Ireland, you are planning to visit so that you would know exactly where to go. Luckily for you, nowadays you can find everything you need through phone apps, so see all the city maps you can download on your phone and you will have no problem navigating yourself through this beautiful country.

Trip To Ireland

There, now you know everything that you need to keep in mind when traveling to Ireland. Always be aware that safety comes first, and with that travel insurance so that you would not have any unnecessary expenses while on vacation. Always make a detailed plan and get the maps to navigate yourself through unknown territories more easily. Be careful and have a nice trip.

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