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A Santorini Holiday During & After COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is definitely one of the biggest disasters in the history of mankind; the menacing ailment has infected millions of people and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives. The novel Coronavirus has definitely wreaked havoc to many businesses but perhaps the most hard-hit sector is the tourism industry.Quick guide on going on a Santorini Holiday during and after COVID-19. Learn all about the things you can safely do.

Santorini Holiday

With social distancing measures prohibiting all forms of gatherings, popular tourist hotspots in many countries have had to close down. In addition, many countries were forced to shut their borders so as to avoid importing the virus from other places, causing dire consequences in the hospitality business. In the midst of all this chaos, it may seem impossible to enjoy a relaxing getaway; however, it’s still possible to venture out on an exciting expedition even during the pandemic. For those who’d like to do this, Greece may just be the perfect place for you.

Guide to a Santorini Holiday During & After COVID-19

Exploring Santorini, Greece

Greece has received plenty of praise regarding its response to the Coronavirus pandemic. The country has definitely handled the situation superbly, managing to keep infection numbers extremely low. Consequently, this has enabled them to reopen their attractions to both local and international tourists. Moreover, Santorini has been able to ensure that it is completely COVID-19 free, making it the perfect place to kick your shoes off and enjoy a relaxing vacay. Also, top travel agencies in the country offer a Santorini private tour, which helps in upholding social distancing guidelines. Greece has an admirable healthcare system that’s able to safeguard the safety of its citizens and visitors, which is quite reassuring given that COVID-19 is pretty contagious.

Must-see Attractions in Santorini 

The beautiful island of Santorini is dotted with some of the most magnificent sites in the world, making it the perfect holiday destination during and after the Coronavirus pandemic. The island features breathtaking panoramic vistas of golden sunsets, impeccable volcanic-sand beaches, and outstanding cliff-side villages making it a premier bucket list destination. To help you create the best itinerary, here are some of the must-see attractions in Santorini, Greece.

Experience The Majestic Sunset 

Anyone who’s ever experienced what it’s like to view a majestic sunset from the caldera-edge settlements of Santorini will attest that it’s arguably the best in the world. Even so, due to its popularity, you can expect to find crowds of tourists brandishing their phones at the golden moment, trying to capture the perfect shot of this incredible sight. The little town of Oia is definitely a favorite spot for tourists; still, you can also capture picturesque vistas of the sunset from other great locations such as the Ammoudi Harbor, the neighboring village of Imerovigli, and the Akrotiri Lighthouse.


There are several vineyards and wineries in Santorini that are sure to pique the interest of all wine enthusiasts in the world. In fact, the island is known to produce some amazing wine from its indigenous grapes. Most of the vineyards in Santorini host wine tastings, albeit at a small fee; some even offer local cuisines and delicacies to go with the tasty drinks, while others possess beautiful sceneries which create the perfect ambiance for such occasions.

Take A Dive in The Numerous Beaches

The island of Santorini is home to numerous sandy beaches that’ll take you months to fully exhaust. A unique feature about most of these beaches is that they have black volcanic sand as opposed to the usual white sand we’re accustomed to. This makes visiting the beaches on this island an exceptionally unique experience that’ll create excellent memories. Some of the most popular beaches include Kamari Beach, Perissa Beach, Monolithos Beach, and Perivolos Beach. These beaches have amazing lengthy shorelines for basking and cool clear waters that make it perfect for swimming.


Santorini is a place with a rich history that dates all the way back to the Neolithic era. Visiting the island’s museums will give you an unobscured view of how the island became what it is today. Some of the most incredible museums in Santorini include The Archaeological Museum in Fira that houses artifacts from excavations done on the island; Lignos Folklore Museum where you can learn about the culture of the locals; and the Icons and Relics Collection where you can take a look at Greek artworks that date back to the 17th century.


There’s no doubt that Santorini is a beautiful island that’s definitely worth a visit. Albeit the list of attractions provided above is only a fraction of what you can experience in Santorini, it’ll definitely help you come up with a great itinerary.

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