A Quick Guide To Off-Grid Camping

Quick Guide To Off-Grid Camping
Off-Grid Camping

Whilst taking yourself off into nature might seem like a pretty simple concept, there is actually a lot you will need to prepare for camping so that you will be able to enjoy the distraction-free, fresh, peaceful environment around you without issue. Fail to prepare, and you could end up getting stuck in a bit of a sticky situation without your usual tools and utensils to help you. So, let’s get into this quick guide to off-grid camping to help you get started

If you have ever thought about taking your motor home off-grid for a next-level family camping trip experience, then you are in the right place. We have put together this article for any wild spirits who fancy trying their hand at taking a wild camping trip out in the rural wilderness.

Choose Your Camping Spot 

When you are wild camping, it is best to choose a spot that is somewhere not too far and easy to navigate without a map. Driving on rockier terrain when you are a long way off the beaten path can be a big issue for you and your motor home, so accessibility is essential. 

Finding a familiar area is also a good idea, especially for beginners, as this will make it easier to navigate and you will already be aware of what to expect from your location. 

Off Grid Outdoor Gear

Having the right camping gear is important for any camping trip, so, make sure you have your own camping checklist but when you are camping off-grid and the amenities around you are already limited, there is, even more, to think about: 

  • Cooking equipment: This could include an outdoor grill if your motor home doesn’t come with its own cooking facilities. You will usually be able to purchase ingredients from local farm shops or nearby stores, or you can visit the nearest pub you can find! Also, you can check some food ideas for camping before you leave!
  • Power source: You will need to find a way to power an off-grid campsite so that you can still use your electronic devices during your trip. Generators are one of the most common power sources, or some campers prefer the more eco-friendly solar panels. 
  • Outdoor lighting: When you are relaxing in the evening or during midnight trips outside to the toilet, lighting will be super important for your own safety. LED lights are a low-power option that provides illumination and can be battery or solar-powered.
  • Leveling tool: We have already mentioned that traveling off-road can be difficult for your motor home, but trying to park up on uneven surfaces can be even worse, so we would definitely recommend getting a motorhome leveling tool for a balanced stay. 
  • Water filter: We will discuss the issues related to water in more detail below, but a water filter is a great emergency piece of kit to have if you can’t find a water source.

These are some of the basics to consider on top of your usual camping checklist. Getting quality outdoor adventure gear from a reputable store will go a long way in making sure you have what you need on your camping trip.

Water Conservation 

When you are camping off-grid, there are not necessarily going to be convenient places to top up your water stores, so it is important to conserve water for as long as possible so you don’t run out. Try to follow these tips to stretch you water stores further: 

  • When washing dishes or brushing your teeth, for example, don’t leave the water running. Only use as much water as you actually need and preserve the rest! 
  • Using a water container for camping is a huge help
  • Keep showers to a minimum and freshen up using things like wipes or washcloths. 
  • Limit the amount of pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery you use to rescue washing up. 
  • If it’s predicted to rain, keep an empty bucket outside overnight to catch the rain fall. You can then use this water for things like washing up and cleaning or even bathing. 

Waste Disposal 

If there are no public toilets available, pack a small trowel to take with you and you can bury your waste in the ground. Just remember to avoid areas near open water and leave no trace. 

Respect the Wildlife 

Listen, the animals and other wildlife came here before you, so it is important to remember that you need to respect these living creatures when you are camping off-grid, so always try to avoid disturbing their natural habitat as much as possible when you are camping nearby.

This includes things like keeping your food properly packed away and preferably sealed so that you and your travel companions are the only ones snacking on them. Never feed any wild animals with foods designed for human consumption, no matter how hungry they look! 

Last Updated on September 5, 2023

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