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A Look into Some of Europe’s Top Nature Holidays

Most people best describe Europe for its eclectic cities, dominated by art, history, and culture. Not forgetting the enchanting architecture and interesting museums. However, if you take yourself off the beaten track, Europe also boasts some of the most beautiful nature spots.If you take yourself off the beaten track,Europe also boasts beautiful nature spots.Take A Look into Some of Europe’s Top Nature Holidays.

A Look into Some of Europe’s Top Nature Holidays

Europe's Top Nature Holidays

Before You Travel

Suppose we are venturing off the beaten track into the natural wilderness of Europe. We need to ensure we have suitable clothing, equipment, and insurance to cover potential accidents. With a global health insurance card (GHIC), all UK citizens can access state-funded health services the European Union countries provide. This is particularly useful for more adventurous activities on nature holidays. You can apply for a GHIC online, so make this part of your travel preparation leading up to your trip.


Germany is famous for its culture and cuisine, but there are tonnes of beautiful landscapes you might not expect. From bizarre rock formations, fairy tale grottoes to clear blue waters. Take a trip to Germany‘s Black Forest and explore dense evergreen forests that will make you feel like you’re walking in a real-life fairy tale. The same area is also well known for its thermal spas and vineyards. This part of Germany effortlessly makes one of Europe’s best nature holidays.


An overview of Europe’s best nature holidays wouldn’t be complete without a mention of Ireland. Ireland’s rugged West coast is filled stunning natural beauty. Get swept away by the seaside charm and authentic character of Dingle, to the breath-taking views at the Cliffs of Moher in County Clare or Slieve League Cliffs in Donegal. For UK citizens, it’s just a short trip across the water, making it easily accessible for all the nature the country has to offer.


It’s hard to decide where to begin in Croatia as it has so much natural beauty on offer as a country. The Plitvice Lakes are a stunning national park filled with waterfalls and leafy trails. The Istrian peninsula is a great place to visit if you want to avoid crowds and is home to the romantic city of Rovinj. Otherwise, you can island hop around Croatia for beautiful oceanic scenes and soak up the sun on a stunning beach.


Some of Europe’s largest ice caps are in Norway. The glacial archipelago of Svalbard is one of the most beautiful nature destinations during the Summer, given how long the days are. In the Winter, it is a prime location for viewing the northern lights. Settled between mainland Norway and the North pole, it’s one of the world’s most north inhabited areas, making it a culturally fascinating experience.


Switzerland is home to adventure and beauty and is famous for its snow-capped mountains, alpine lakes, and quaint towns. A collection of brilliant hiking paths and reliable trains connect all the sights to see here. Despite Switzerland being quite expensive, you can save yourself money by purchasing trains passes, cooking for yourself in self-catered accommodation and staying in inexpensive hotels.

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