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A Guide to Twitch Streaming Platform

Twitch has managed to build a very large community of content creators. The website has attracted more than 140 million viewers who are able to watch their favorite channels such as gaming, cooking, cosplaying and ASMR. Coming of the Corona Virus took Twitch a level higher as it proved we can be better connected if we embrace the internet. Twitch has a very large community of content creators.Here are guidelines you should acquaint yourself with to Twitch Streaming Platform.

Twitch Streaming Platform

In 2020 alone, Twitch managed a viewership of 28 million hours. Though the number of viewers are ballooning, it takes a lot to become a famous Twitch streamer. It requires a lot of commitment and dedication. Some streamers are even able to get their livelihood out of Twitch. But how does one become a famous Twitch streamer? Why does it appear like some streamers take shorter than others to go viral? Now there are various ways of becoming famous in Twitch amongst them is being able to buy Twitch followers. Now here are guidelines you should acquaint yourself with to have flawless streaming.

1. What you need to start live streaming

You need a gaming laptop or gaming desktop PC. Twitch recommends its users to have Intel with 8GB RAM and Windows 7 and above   though live streaming is also possible from Mac. More important than the computer specifications is the internet connection. Fast internet connection enables easy uploading of videos at least 3Mbits per second. This can be achieved by most home internet connections. In the case of PC games, a graphic card that is strong enough to support the streaming software is needed.

Though streaming from a desktop is preferred, it is possible to stream from a laptop provided your internet connection is as per the requirement. Even so, while streaming from a laptop, it is advisable to close all background apps to avoid overheating due to close positioning of components to each other.

Twitch has got all categories covered. Imagine you want to stream yourself while cooking. There is a whole category called In Real Life just for you. Here, no fancy gears are needed. Just your phone is enough. With the Twitch iOS and Android, you are allowed to stream directly to the platform which has time without number proved to be the best way to test before you dive into it.

Though Twitch has very minimal requirements, playing games that are graphically intense while streaming at the same time may put pressure on your laptop. It’s therefore recommended to use two PCs at once; one for each task. Even better, try checking out Pro Streamer which has two PCs in one body.

Even so, there are recent strides that are made by NVidia’s which have the capacity of creating high quality streams just from a single PC. Therefore evade this problem by purchasing one of the NVidia’s new RTX graphic cards which has an inbuilt hardware encoder. With this, your PC is relieved from doing too much heavy lifting.

2. Twitch Account

It is absolutely free to join a Twitch account. The done thing is getting over to, entering your details; personalizing your profile image, having your banner and description. It’s important to have your description as it gives people the first impression of what you are about when they are offline. It should be short and captivating so that the viewers can pick one or two things about you and your stream. To make your streams archived temporarily for later viewing, head to settings, then navigate to channel and video icon and then to archived broadcasts.

3. Microphone and Camera

It is advisable to invest in the best microphone to produce quality audio. Some of the best brands are the Blue Yeti and Hyperx Quadcast S which ensures that the audio is well articulated, coherent and fluent. Moreover, they have crisp audio quality and adjustable pickup modes. If on the right budget, check them out and get one for yourself.

The best quality webcams are also necessary just so your viewers can see you clearly. Some of the options include Logitech HD Pro C920 .It has sharp and quality capture which provides a very large field of view.

If just starting out, there is no pressure. It might come to you or might not even come to you. Just put yourself out there and start with basic details and all others will come later. Give it back. Don’t fall for perfection.

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